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Why should You start blogging 2017(30 Reason to starting a blog)

You have heard about online blogging right?


But Don’t know how it’s valuable for you.You would be thinking that why you should start a blog?

How a blog would be beneficial for you?

You have come to the right place, this post for you to tell you about all your questions related to blogging & its benefits.Blogging is not for only business or money making system.You can use it for your hobbies, You can share your daily working Ruiteens that impress peoples.Readers not only want to read blogs for great ideas but also they use to read blogs to know simple life experiences that you share through your blog.

30-reasonWhy-should-you-start-your-blog Why  should  You start blogging 2017(30 Reason to starting a blog)


This proverb is fit for blogging “kill two birds with one stone”.Through a blog, you can enjoy your stunning life & also able to make a passive income through a blog.To start a blog you don’t need prior knowledge, you can check my tutorial-  Start a blog less than 20 minutes: step by step.

Why You should start blogging?

Here are 30 reasons that,s why you should start blogging

1-It,s  easy to start:

Starting a blog is really easy.You don’t need boring HTML to design your blog.The whole process of starting a blog or how to set up it, you can read this guide of mine.I explained step by step process in this guide to start a blog from beginning to end.Starting process of a blog takes less than 20 minutes only.

You will haven’t spend much money to start a blog.If you have less knowledge of expressing ideas you can be a good blogger.It,s not necessary that you are an expert writer or not.

2-Google adore  blogs

Google likes blogs when you started your blog Google index it automatically.Google provides for your blog organic searches.People come to your blog through Google to get information that you will provide on your blog.

When someone type a keyword that is related to your post or blog topic, your blog also will show up there. Google is the top source of organic traffic.

3-Blogs grow your personality

You have many qualities but you have no audience to express them.You can grow your personality through a blog.Suppose you are an artist.You have no idea where you should spread and how to grow it. You want to show up your art to a huge number of people but you are unable to do it.The blog is a great idea to grow your skills.When people will love your art and will use to appreciate, you will feel awesome.Blogs have become the great source to develop personality at that digital time.

4-Through blogging you can help others

Many bloggers use to help others through their blogs.If you want to help others you can do it well through a blog.Whenever you think that something happening wrong in any part of society.You want to help them, You can do it with a blog.Most of the bloggers are doing this.You also can help others if you want.Many social workers started blog to help others through their blog

5-It helps you to make money

Blogs are not only for growing skills or personality, you can make a passive income through a blog.It depends on your blog traffic. If you are leading lots of traffic, making money from a blog becomes easy.

What a great thing is a blog, there are many opportunities with a blog, You can grow your skills, make communities, you will never feel boring in life if you are an owner of a blog,& the great thing you can make money also from a blog, isn’t it great?

When you will have lots of readers on your blog, you can monetize your blog to make money through it .Not only a few amount per month but you also can make thousands of dollars through your blog.Bloggers making a passive income & living super useful life through the income of their blog.

6-Boasting & new chances

We can call a blog like a tool that will grow you to make a great personality.It,s a platform through it you can promote yourself to the people.People will come to read your ideas, You will feel like an expert or teacher.The time will come when your readers will contact you to grow their skills through your direct ideas.

Your blog is like a channel where your reader will come to know from you on your specific subject, this thing will feel you great.Your reader becomes your friend.You can share them, something different from your subject.If you want to share something personal to them, you can.

7-Blogging helps you to make communities

If you want to be a successful person in your life, obviously you have no time to waste on facebook or twitter to chat with friends.You can use your blog like communicating tool where you can talk with people personally or on your topic.

Stay in touch with your readers, reply respectfully to the comments  of them, they will become your friend.It makes a community where you can share everything.

 8-Spread your ideas to the whole world

A Blog makes it simple to share ideas to the whole world.You can make the world a better place through your blog.If you want you can evaluate through a blog in the world.There is no age to start a blog. If some one having skills to spread ideas, can start a blog.You can show up the problems of any country, class or society through a blog.

It’s the greater thing to aware people about any problems of the whole world.This thing depends on your blog readers, That is not impossible.

9-Grow your business

If you have a company or small business, you need a blog.You haven’t then start now.People want to know about your company or business, it can be possible through a blog only.Never miss it to grow your business.

Through a blog, people come to know about your companies prior growing success or failures.How you started & why.How you succeed to grow your business. All these things you can express through a blog.Without a blog how you will able to tell people the services or products that you are providing.What qualities your services or products having, you can tell through a blog.

10 -Blogging will help you to be a better writer

You Stopped writing from a long time,  your handwriting becomes bad.You were a good writer but because of failures you didn’t write from a long time, you have less word to write on any topic.But when you start your blog.You write in a frequency, it makes you a better writer.

Your daily practices will help you to collect more words or sentences & well-expressing ideas.Writing on your blog becomes your hobby because your readers are waiting for your new post.They ask you about your new post, you try to write well.The more you write the more will learn.Blogging impacts your writing skills.

11-Clutch audiences

Blogging helps you to build audience.I,m a  blogger in a company. My friends ask me about it, who is a blogger, what they work, how they earn,& how starts a blog.I started this blog & told to my friends about blogging, they are so happy to see that.

They use to continue reading my blog to know about blogging & also says thanks to me to create this blog.It feels me great.If you also having any skill and want to tell about that to your friends or others, you can start your blog to teach people. You can tell about your skills in a time to huge numbers through a blog.

12-Blogging help you to learn new things

Yep.The blogging help you to learn new ideas related to your blog niche or others.Blogging makes for you a community of blogger.You every time learn new things in your subject area.After starting a blog you learn new and do experiments with your blog.

The blogging is a great way where you not only teach to others but also learns more.In every step of blogging learns you something new or specific. You read other’s blog and get ideas from them, if they are better than you, you can learn from them many things to grow yourself.

13-Blogging makes you think more manifest

Blogging makes you social not only for self.You lifted up you as a country many & as a responsible man or women.Probably you never learn such thing in your college or school days blogging learns you about that.You become able to think clearer about things.

You try to arguments about bad things of society or countries.You start thinking about your responsibilities,& tries to help others through your blog. You can do this because your blog makes able to do that because you have audiences to understands you.

14-Blogging develops your confidence

blogging help you to keep stand against bad things & appreciate good things or peoples.It highly develops your confidence.

You become able to take action to others and ready to arguments with worse things.In the starting of blogging, you are like a child that scare when his first day in the new school.After some time you become members of blogging communities.You are a blogger, you having the supporting audience that always stands behind you.They are your followers, they like your ideas and always support you if you are taking good action for anything.

15-Blogging help you speak consistently

Through a blog, you become able to  speak on  your ideas more clearly.You become confident about your blogging subject.Your expressing style grows up with your blog.The more you will write or speak on your ideas the more you become confident about your subject.

16-No need of prior knowledge

Before starting a blog no need to you prior knowledge of starting a blog.I have written the article on this blog for beginners to start a blog.You can read my step by step tutorial to start your blog if you have no prior idea to start a blog.

17-Blogging gives you challenge

You have started a blog, it’s a simple process.To be a  successful blogger, this is a challenging thing.You need to write unique content to attract visitors on your blog.Without audience what is the value of a blog?The challenging thing is clutch more audience & to keep staying it on your blog. You need to write good posts on your blog or share new ideas with your visitors.

18-It doesn’t require  more money

Blogging is free, no need to spend money to start a blog. If you want to start a professional blog, you can start with self-host on WordPress with Bluehost.Its affordable to anyone.You need to pay for hosting or domain to start a self-hosted blog. This amount ,you will usually spend on your interesting things that are not much valuable for you.

19-Blogging controls you

When You have no work, you become lazy. There are no regulations in your life.Blogging controls you to live in disciplines.You work on time, write on time or publish on the right time to attract visitors to your blog.Nothing, only blog can help you to control your bad hobbits.The blog makes you a responsible man who is an idol of lots of people.

20-Blogging helps you to create veracity

21-Influence public policy

22-Blog helps to get publish

23-Speaking engagement

24-It make for you Consulting deal

25-Blogging helps you to Promote your art & hobby

26-Blogging sharpens your observation

27-Stay in touch with friends & family

28-Blogging boosts your creativity

29-Make better choices

30-Blogging makes you happy

31-Blogging gives you freedom


If you think you have any reason of these you can start your blog now. Don’t think more, a blog is the best way to make you a better & responsible person.

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