Make money with Your blog step by step(15 Easy way to monetize a blog)

Most people of the world think about blogging as a  joke.And we can make passive income from a blog this is the biggest joke for them😃. They look at you as that you are a fool and talking about a senseless thing.

You are a successful blogger & making a big amount from your blog, talk about this with your friends & relatives who have no idea about blogging, they will laugh at you.

Most of the blogger face this thing. People who don’t know about make money blogging &  laughs at you, this is a thing of fun not to be serious.They make you laugh because they have no idea about it, But making money from blogging it,s true, I must say it is the Fact.

Make money is a difficult thing, so it becomes hard to someone that we can make lots of money from home through blogging online.

Many Bloggers shares their income from blogging.One of them Neil Patel uses to share his income with his visitors.

Here is the screenshot of his income in dollars from his blog neil

make money blogging

Many other bloggers also making millions from their blogs like Neil Patel.You also can, but it depends on your hard work or working strategy.It,s difficult to be like these bloggers but not impossible.The process of making money blogging takes time, so never give up. You can succeed to make money quickly with your site if you are working hard with   Good planning or right direction.

How to make money from your blog -Step by step

1-Start your blog

2-Write content

3- Get visitors on  your blog

4-Build engagement with your  readers

5-Make money from your blog

Don’t’ miss any step if you really want to make money from blogging.To make money online from the blog, you need to setup a blog.Good content is the soul of a blog. Write valuable content and find readers to read your blog post.You need to do something to keep coming to your readers on your blog.After all this, you can make money blogging.

Let,s Know in details about every step-

1-Start your blog

Obviously, to make money online, you need to start a blog.Without a blog, it,s not possible.So start a blog with a perfect niche.Choose your niche. It can be related to any hobbies, life experiences,  & the skills which you have.To grow your skill through a blog & also want to make money from it than you should start a blog.To start a blog step by step read this article –How to start a blog.

If you are heartily ready to start blogging to make money, it,s not too hard if you have a little bit to express ideas to others.You can grow yourself after coming in blogging.At every step and mistake, you will learn something new, The day will come you will be a master of your topic which you have to choose for blogging.

All top bloggers were new or beginners one day, they struggled, They didn’t give up because of hard work.So work hard with passions, good planning or right direction.No one can stop you to be a successful blogger.

So, For money making, blogging put the first step right now-How to start a Blog

2-Write  content

After starting a blog, the most important part is writing content.Content should be related to your blog niche, containing useful topic for coming victors.

When you are writing a content keep in mind your readers.Content makes your blog meaningful.A blog is not a blog without content.What value can be if there is no post on a blog?Post on a blog should be written according to the requirement of readers.

Making money from a blog is highly depends on the content that focuses the topic of your blog.The reader comes to know something new or profitable for them. Try to write content with unique things that will help readers to solve their problems that they having.Comprehensive content also helps to indexed quickly in a search that will help to make money quicker.To know more about writing content,  Read this article to learn More-How to write a good content

3-Get visitors on your blog

Promote your blog to get lots of traffic.Without visitors, there is no value of a blog.For example -Some one has many skills, he knows many unique things but no one has the idea about it.What value would be?How can he grow own self?.So promotion is the very important aspect to grow.

You started a blog with a perfect niche and wrote good content but there is no traffic, I mean you have no readers, how can you make money from your blog?.

Get visitors on your blog to make money blogging.If you have huge traffic on your blog, it becomes simple to make money from a blog.

Read this guide to learn how to get traffic on your blog-

how to promote your blog.

4-Build engagement with readers(Start An email list)

To build engagement with readers start commenting on other’s blogs. Join forums,  social media , communities   & Start an email list to keep engage with visitors.To keep coming back your first-time readers’ email list is the super way.You can start email list with SumoMe plugin for WordPress. It provides the simple way to create an email list.Through an email list, you can send your list your new article in their inbox directly.You will be able to Send your list subscribers any bonus.You could advertise any product or course.

Email marketing is the best way to make money online from a blog.Start an email list to engage your visitors for always.If you start an email list you will feel like your money is in the inbox when you would collect a long list of emails.

Read  Article from  for beginners who want to start their email list.

5-Start Making money from your blog

Now there!

The last & most important step if you have started your blog to make money. There are many ways to make money online from your blog.But I will explain here about some important of them that will help you to make money from your blog.

make-money with your blog

Here is 15 way to make money from your blog

1-Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best networks to place ads on your website  & monetize your blog.With the Google Adsense, you do not need to connect with advertiser directly.Simply create the account on the Google Adsense, here Google Adsense will provide you the code of ads banners on your website or blog, where you want.

Through the Google Adsense the most of the blogger place ads on their blog or website to make money.There are two types of ads-

1-PPC /CPC(pay per click/cost per click):

You can understand through the name, When someone clicks on ads banners you are paid for per click.How much amount paid it depends on ads quality.Through the CPC ads, You can earn a lot of amounts but it depends on your blog traffic.The more traffic you have, the more you will earn.You will earn from a click small amount, so you need huge traffic to get lots of clicks.

CPC (cost per click) CPC depends on ads type.When  Google Adsense showing the most expensive thing to your visitors. The visitors will click on Ads,  you will pay an expensive amount, it may be one dollar or more.It called CPC ads.

Placing PPC ads banners at the beginning   & the end of an article where the visitors mostly grab their attention.It will give you more PPC & more you earn.If you placing an ad at the Bottom of the Post where visitors never click, it would be bad for you.So, choose the valuable place for your ads banner so you got more PPC to earn more.

Mostly, it depends on your blog or website,s content that what type ads Google AdSense will show up to your visitors.The financial products generate more expensive  PPC from your placing ads.

Pay per click ads is the good way to make money from your blog or website in an easy way.You can find PPC ads in Google Adsense, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Chitika. Google Adsense is one of the popular websites to make money from PPC Advertising.

2-CPM(Cost per mile ):

CPM ads are quite similar to PPC ads.PPC ads pay for per click but CPM ads pay for page views or page impressions.CPM ads depend on the pageviews of your blog or website.If you place CPM ads on your site, You would be paid for 1000 impression something one dollar or more.If your blog has 300,000 page views in a month you can earn from CPM ads 300 Dollars in a month.CPM ads also good to make money if you get more pageviews on your website or blog.

Placing ads at the right place on your website, it will help you to get more money from your blog.The most important thing to make money is  The traffic.So get traffic & start making money through advertising.

2-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way that makes to a massive income from your blog.It is commission system.You promote other’s products and services on your blog. when some one, Go through your blog and sign up for their service, The providers will give you a commission.

Make money with your blog-affiliate marketing

You need to Join the affiliate program of any company which you want to promote on your blog.The affiliates give you the link or banner. Include this link in your content or place banners where your readers grab their attention more.Choose the right place for Affiliate link or banners to get more sign ups the result you will get lots of commission.

Choose an affiliate program to promote the services related to your blog or content.Promote product or services you also using personally.You can place a  disclosure in your content about your affiliate link or banner.

There are many affiliate program, you can join any of them. I recommended, choose the affiliate program that is related to your blog niche.Here is some popular affiliate program to join:

The affiliate marketing is the simple way to make money from blogging.It,s an easy way to monetize your blog.The step is very usual & free to join an affiliate program. You have a blog with good content &  also getting lots of visitors, it becomes more easy to make money blogging.

3-Email marketing

Make money with your blog-email marketing

Email marketing is a preform of sending spot announcement to a group of people by using emails.To keep coming back your first-time readers and provide them new services in their inboxes, the email list is the best way.Through the email marketing, you can make money also.On your blog Provide the service to join your email list. If your readers like your blog and want to come back they will join your newsletter.

Through the email list, you can’t make money directly but you have a list of your readers who like your blog.You can offer them anything.You can notify to your list about your new content /course/ebook/video or any service that you have started on your blog.

You can make an email through these WordPress plugins.

I will suggest for SumoMe, I also using it.It is really simple to start an email list.You can manage your email list with Aweber  & PopUp Domination.

An email list helps you to generate lots of money.You can promote anything to your list.Your list is the audience that trusts on you.Never send lots of email in a day to your list.The best thing to making engagement with your list, send valuable and profitable emails to them.It would be good, send emails two times in a week. Most of the bloggers use to send emails on a schedule, they send emails to their list two or three times in a week.

4-Write An Ebook and Hardback book

You can earn a decent income with an ebook.Write a unique ebook after keeping in mind the requirement of your readers.Nowadays, most of the bloggers are using to write an ebook.Readers like reading ebook, so you also need to try on it.Write an ebook on a relevant topic to grab more readers.

Make money with your blog-ebook & hardback book

You can promote your ebook on your own blog.This would be the best way to get lots of traffic and make passive income from your blog.Sell ebook on apple store or amazon kindle.Amazon Kindle is the best market retailer to sell your ebook to make money from it.Create an ebook related with you blog topics.

Ebook subject material should be unique.Make it catchy or comprehensive.If you are writing only the matter which is in your blog content, then why your readers will buy your ebook? while they have read articles.

Creating an ebook is the splendid & prevalent way to make money.You are an owner of a blog, You have the audience to sell or promote an ebook, so writing an ebook will generate lots of income. Create an ebook on a splendid niche that will help you to grab a huge number of readers, the result would be you can make more money.It,s easy to get published an ebook to sell on Amazon and store.

Write a Hardback Book:

Write a book of your blog topic. If you can write an ebook then it would be easy to you.Write a comprehensive hardback or paperback book to publish.You can publish it online easily on book can be a great source of income for you.You can directly promote your book on your blog .Sell it online through your blog  & send a copy of the book to visitors.The book may be a big source of collecting money for email subscribers.

5-Sell your own product

If you don’t want to promote other’s products on your website.You can sell your own products or services through your blog.You can sell your own app, Course, ebook.Not only apps or services but also, you can sell goods through your blog or website.If you are an artist, want to sell your art to your audience, then you can.This is also the way of making money from your blog.

Make a comparison with offline businessmen, they have a limited audience to sell their goods or services, But if you are trying to sell your products online through your blog you have the whole world.

You are a designer or programmer if you have created an app. You can put it on your blog to download it .How good thing it would be?You have already a platform to sell & promote anything.


Make money with your blog-consulting

You can make money via consulting.You can offer to your visitors or subscribers that you are starting consulting related with your blog topic .Give the place to your visitors like skype call.You can fix a rate of consulting.

You can start with cheap as $60  of one hour.Send an email to your list about your consulting session.Send a message to your followers that you starting consulting on skype at the fixed amount $60/$75/$100/$300, whatever your visitors can afford.This thing needs to be a professional blogger.It will take a long time if you are beginners.Your reputation as a blogger in your topic should be great.

You can provide to your visitors your phone no. or skype id to contact you.Consulting is not starting thing to do on a blog. When you would be a famous blogger, even your visitors will ask you for consulting, you can start consulting at that time.You can make lots of money from consulting if you are doing good.

7-Selling  Course & services

Create a super useful course for your visitors on your blog topic.You already teaching your visitors through your blog post. It would be a good thing for your readers provide them the course to understand well.Building a paid course would be a good opportunity of learning to your readers.Create a course for solutions of your reader’s problems that contains the answers of all questions which they use to ask you in the discussion.

The course should be with full solutions.Make it visual and practical.You can fix the rate of course.You need to know that how much audience is excited for your course & how much they can afford to purchase your course.

Services: Many bloggers provide services like coaching, consulting, freelance writing for other blogs.You can start services according to your blog niche.

8-Host a Webinar

Make money with your blog-start a webinar

You can start Webinar: we can call it online seminar.The Host of the webinar is the specialist of a particular subject.You are free on the webinar to ask questions related to the topic.The webinar is a  lecture program on a specific topic. It,s a presentation by professionals.You can ask your visitors to book their seat to join the webinar.It held a live performance where every member is able to ask questions on a topic.

Start your own webinar when you will become a professional blogger. If you are a beginner webinar isn’t a good option for you.The webinar should be free of cost.You can’t make money from a webinar but it leads a lot of traffic on your blog that result of making money via the blog.You have started webinar for free but someone wants to consult especially, you can charge money for him.The blogger Neil Patel use to hosting a webinar.

9-Start a Live workshop

make money with your blog-live workshop

You can start a live workshop to make money online.Here your visitors can ask you face to face.You can teach them live.It will feel to visitors like a classroom.If they want to meet you in your workshop they can if it is possible to them.You can charge for it to join your live teaching class.

Live workshop lets you to connect your audience face to face with you.You come to know from your audience that what thing of your blog or website they like or what dislike.You can express your own experiences personally to your visitors who have joined your live workshop.

Most of the people like live workshops & ready to pay lots of money because there is the opportunity for them to ask any question to find solutions.But in tutorials, they can’t do this.

To join your live workshop you can charge for tickets to make money.At the end of the workshop, you can promote your own book or ebook related to the topic of the live workshop.You can invite guest speakers to the workshop. At the end of the workshop, they will promote their own products, you can find a half share.

Record your workshop session  & upload it on your blog or website for free.They will come to know about your workshop, perhaps they will come to join your live workshop at the next time.Making an arrangement of a live workshop isn’t too hard. You can make your own conference room if you can, If not there are many hotels, having a conference room you can book it for your event.

10-Teaching program

make money with your blog-online teaching program

You can start online teaching program through your blog.Charge for join membership of your online course.Charge only for premium tips that you never wrote on your blog post.If you will charge hundred or more dollars for that content which they can read for free.It would be bad.You will lose the trust of your audience.Include in your online teaching course video, podcast, tutorials.

You can give the disclaimer on your blog about your online teaching course :

For example: Want to be a   pro blogger join my 4 weeks online teaching course.

In your online course try to teach your audience much better .Charge only for new or premium tips that is not available for free to your audience.

11-Audio Advertising(PPP)

Make money with your blog-audio adertising

Audio advertising works like PPC ads.It called PPP Pay per Play.You would have to see audio advertising on websites. Audio advertising makes for you lots of money than CPC & CPM ads.You can earn $5 per visit through audio advertising.This method of advertising is curious, it interferes to visitors.When someone opens your website Audio ads play automatically it’s a noisy method, visitors feel disturbing through audio advertising, you have a risk of losing visitors.This method of making money, you can earn lots of money from it.

You can start your own podcast another type of audio advertising.It is better than Audio ads that play automatically and disturbs to visitors .Give some valuable information through your podcast & You can also advertise any other thing through your podcast.It will look like a radio, not like ads.The method audio advertising is good to make money a lot.

12-Sell Advertising space

You can make money by selling space to advertisers on your website or blog.There is no middle man to cut of income. You can directly fix your advertising space rate with the advertiser.

It,s negative part is that You would have to spend time for discussing with the advertiser.You need lots of traffic than any advertiser will ask you for advertising space for his ads.

13-Sell your blog or website:

Make money with your blog -sell a blog or website

If any website or blog is unable to get visitors & not making money.If you want to give up, you can make money from it.Auction your blog or website that has failed.You don’t want to work on it anymore.You can sell it to others.There are many persons who want a website that is complete with old age authority.You can make a big amount of money from it.

Some people making websites to sell.They are doing it because there are lots of lazy people who don’t want spend their time to create a blog or website.They search for buying an already built website.How much they fix money for a selling website it depends on the quality of a website or blog.

14-Content marketing tool

It is possible on your blog to promote product & make money from it.Preferably thinking of it as making money from promoting the products, nevertheless think of your blog making a content marketing tool to generate huge traffic on your blog for lots of money.

Make money with your blog-content marketing tool

Chances are virtually everlasting when it comes to making money from a blog.You can sell your own handmade products.Launch your own app if you are a programmer or designer.Write ebook or book and promote it on your blog & get readers.Start webinar, workshop, online teaching course & podcast to increase visitors for making money.

Someone has already a business, they also start a blog to promote it online through a blog or website.For example, You have a showroom of antiques.You want to promote it to the whole world, it can be possible when you will start a blog. Write about each product with the clear images to attract visitors.Cover in your blog topic reconditioning of your product.Don’t worry If You are unable to sell your product online but you can make a brand of your product through a blog.

15-Direct Or indirect income

In the starting of a blog, every blogger is new, he having less knowledge about their blog topic.New bloggers use to make money directly from their blog.They put CPC/CPM ads, Include affiliate links or banners in their blog & create an  Email list to sell.These are the direct method to make money from their blog.Gradually, they grow up as a professional blogger, Bloggers start providing services, coaching consulting, webinar, seminars, this called the indirect income because of the blog.Direct income: income from the blog but indirect income means income because of the blog.

Direct income: income from the blog but indirect income means income because of the blog.When a blogger working well, getting a huge traffic on his/her blog.His profile Go viral, visitors not only want to read them but also hear, watching or meeting to know more from him.They ask for consulting or coaching face to face or live.The income from these things called indirect income. It,s not from the blog but you earned it because of the blog.


I have listed here several method to make money from a blog step by step, if you are a beginner, You have started your blog, looking for make money with your blog, use any of these methods which is suitable for you.

If you already using any method & making money which is not listed in my post, then suggest me.

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