How to write a blog post :beginners guide 2019

So you have started your own blog?


That,s Good, congratulation!!!

Now you are looking for writing a good or an attractive post to get a lot of traffic on your blog.

Obviously, you should  do something like that:

  1. Sit in front of your computer.
  2. Go to the Dashboard panel of your WordPress blog.
  3. Click on the post >add a new post.Write here the title of your post.
  4. Write post related to your blog niche.

Is this much to write a blog post?

Mine answer is NO!

Probably you know, to be a successful Online marketer, blogging is a very important aspect.

Without Blogging, SEO will like a cistern, you have nothing to fill it.Before starting to write a post you would have to think as a reader.You need to write a blog post according to readers, what they want, which style of writing will attract them more.

You can search in the browser the keyword of your post topic.Here you will see, there are many posts, related to your post topic.

This will automatically track your mind that already there are many bloggers related to your niche, How will you compete with them while they are professional or you are a beginner

Now you are thinking like that…

What would you do to attract readers to your post?

You need to make a strategy before starting to write a blog post.

So now you would understand, that what type post you will have to write to get a lot of traffic.

Undoubtedly, you need to write something new or attractive on that topic, which will attract readers on your post.

You would have to do something extra or new.So not only write a post but also pursue something new.Work hard,  track the mind of your reader than start writing.

In these days you can search in google on any topic. You can find here many blogs, they will help you to write a blog post in an effective style.

Don’t copy to other bloggers but learn from them. You will come to know that which things readers mostly likes or which dislikes.

Now your target should be to write on the way which readers mostly likes.

If you want to increase your knowledge related to your post topic, there are many online sources.

To write a good blog post, compel of some personalization.Share your own experiences to your reader.Hartley try to solve the problems of your reader, this will show in your blog post.

How to write a blog post: Simple formula  in 5 easy steps:

1-Topic planning

2-Awesome headline

3-Write your post

4-Use image

5-Optimize on-page SEO

6-Edit post


Here is a review of each step in details.

1-Topic planning

When you are going to write your post.At that time you would have to keep in your mind your audience.What need of them, You will have to plan your post topic according to readers.

Topic planning

The whole process of writing post, usually, takes a pair of time.If you are seriously writing your post according to the requirements of readers than it may take time.

It might take many days or week.Depends on you that how much you know about your topic,& how much good your typing speed.

Spend your hours in planning for your post before actually writing it.

This thing for new bloggers that they should spend the time to plan before writing a  post.If you are an experienced blogger and already planned on your post topic then you can start writing.

Choose a topic

Choose an interesting topic according to your blog address.Your post topic can be general, pretty.For example, You is a wedding planner, Your post topic would be “how to plan a wedding”?

This would be general according to your skill.The common cause that you want to tell your reader that how you plan weddings.

You have practically done it.You will share your experience with wedding planning. If you really interested in this topic it will show in your post and expressing style.

Although,”Wedding planning ” is not a new topic for anyone. But readers want some new, if you have some new or attractive in your post or your expressing style is impressive, Surely reader will give you response.

This would be a common cause that you want to tell your reader, how you planned weddings, you have practically done it, you will share your experience with wedding planning

So keep in your mind before writing on your topic that there are many blogs related to your topics(Whatever your topic) but if you want to succeed you will have to come up with something new or impressive.

Write an outline

Start writing your blog post and make an outline.


In outline, you are covering everything in short which is you are providing in the entire post.It called to be a short form of your post topic.

It,s an overview in which you are giving headings or subheadings.

An outline doesn’t be long or detailed.It will be short or impressive to covering the main topic in short.

For example, An outline will look like:


Explaining post writing strategy -Paragraph

2-Blog post planning

Choose a topic, write an outline, research.

3-Write your post

Main material of post in paragraphs

4-Use image

Use catchy images


Before start writing makes an outline like this.

Write it in a notebook. It will help you to write according to plan.

You can write well after making a suitable or short form of your entire post.It hints you to write in detail on your post topic.

An outline stops you from going out of your post topic. It keeps you focused on all structure of the post. An Outline retains you honest about your post topic.

2- An awesome Headline of your post:

Blog post headline should be awesome covering, full in short, everything which you want to write in your post.

Your headline would be a  very important part in your post.Usually, a heading is the first thing that people will see in your post.

The headline of the post should be attractive or interesting to make people enough to read the rest part of the post.Never give a boring or out of post topic headline.

Like my topic:”how to write a blog post.” This title simply expressing that I’m writing my post about to write a blog post.

So make post heading about something you write in your post. What is the main topic of your post, a headline should be about that.

Like mine post topic about writing a blog post, so my post heading is covering the topic that how to write a blog post.write a blog post is the main topic.

The headline is a question which is asked by the audience.

Think as an audience, You want to start blogging.What you will search in Google to find the answer

Evidently, you will search something like: How to start a blog?

The search engine will provide you many articles related your question.But the exact article which heading is matched to your question will look at first.

If you want, when someone comes to know about your topic, ask a question then your post will look him first.

Select a question in your headline. So be sure about it that is the question of your reader in which they are authentically interested. Writing headlines is firstly an art than science.

In a blog post, you are experimenting with readers, you are doing everything as a psychologist.

3-Write your post


In the introduction, firstly clutch the attention of your audience.Share them some personal.Put a conversational style in front of them.Tell any story about you or any part of your success.

Writing a post:main topic

If you are unable to impress your reader in this paragraph you will lose them.They will stop reading and feel bored.

So try to write something humorous or personalize your writing style to grab your audiences. Write something interesting which audience read start to end.

Describe the main purpose of your post.Sure your audience that you will solve their problem which they have.This will make a connection with your reader to keep reading the post, to improve their work.

Classify your post

Before writing the main part of the post you classify your article.

Most bloggers write an article in classify style to express well.Sometimes, the post has an astonishing amount of information so certainly, it becomes lengthy.

After seeing a lengthy post reader get bored.So organize your post in multiple sections like tips, section, list whatever is suitable for the post.

For example:

Let,s take a look like this –

I will show you how to write a good blog post in five easy steps.

I separated this post in five section Here is the list of some valuable platforms, website, topics.

There are five tips to increase your website traffic.

This will grab your audience with your post start to end.So organize your post in right way to keep reading your audience.

Write the main subject of Post

So now you have planned your post topic, given a specific headline, wrote an introduction in an expressive style and organized your post.

Now, this is the time to write the main part of your post according to the main keyword of your headline.Now you actually write the post.So start right now.

This is the part in which you will give the answer of your reader’s problem.This main part of your post will complete the purpose of your reader to come on your post.

So I, ll suggest you write a post in one session if possible.If you write a post in one session surely this is the best post than more session draft.

It makes easier for you to stay and focus on the topic.You deeply involved in the post topic at that time.

Ideas come after one after there is no break. It makes your post topic more attractive.You can write something new or specific that is the requirement for a new blogger to come up with something new to be successful in blogging.

To be a successful blogger you need to improve your typing speed.This is also a very important aspect.If you want to write on a big topic in 4000 + word minimum,  this will take time.

If your typing speed or topic planning is good. It,s really simple or interesting for you.You will enjoy your writing.To be a better blog writer check out this post.

Write about what you know and what you planned about post topic.If You don’t know deeply, do research know more, collect the latest information related to the topic and keep writing.

There are some important tools which will help you to write your post and improve your writing skill well.

  • Power Thesaurus: This is the best tool to improve your blog post writing.It is a word stock tool. Power Thesaurus provides many similar words.You can use it for one word’s synonyms.The power Thesaurus is the cooperated tool that provides a ton of alternative word choice of professional writer’s community.
  • Cliche Finder:
  • Use cliche finder to make the post more attractive.Here are you can search cliche of any writer related with your post topic.Add cliche in your post. This tool will give your post cheesy look.
  • Zen Pen: Zen Pen is also the best tool to write a post in an interesting way.You can use this tool to write your post in a simple & an attractive look.

Writing becomes easier when you write more.when you start writing it will take time of several days or may be one week.But after it makes a rhythm, and becomes a habit of you.

After some time you will write a great post in hours by practice or passions.To know more or improve your writing skill read this post.

“Practice makes everything possible “Starting never be effective but practice makes it effective or natural.

4-Use Image in the post:

In a blog, post image plays a good role to make a  post interesting or visual.Use good image in your post related to the topic.

Sometimes, the reader gets bored to see the length of the article.He wants to learn from your post visually, I mean Images helps him in that way.

Images make a  post attractive. At the social network, images are very important to attract visitors.

Image helps blog post to run for next

The important thing to include Image in a post it plays a role to breaks down in the post to stop one and go to the next.

So some readers grab their attention on the images. They feel boring to read the text.Images clutch them to stay on the post.

How to select valuable image for your post read this guide

Image makes a post visual

Images make a blog more impressive or visual.Add an image that attracts the attention of the reader to continue flow with the post.

Add an image with humor, It will help to impress the audience. An image with Humor or attractive visual impact works as a river in the desert.

Add image in the post

Use an image with high quality in the post.It,s appearance should be catchy that will impress readers.

Image makes a hard topic easy to understand

The topic digital marketing totally depends on images.If a digital marketer blogger really wants to solve the problems of visitors, the images will help him to make a visual appealing to the readers.

Infographics, screenshots, diagram, chart, make a blog post impressive or valuable to visitors.

5-Edit post:

You have written your post right now.Now you need to edit your post.You are thinking that you wrote well your post there is no mistake in your written work.

Never think this and don’t publish a post quickly.

Call to someone who is well in your topic language, and say him/her to check your post.There will be many spells or sentences mistake may be.

Editing part in writing a post is very important don’t miss it.Never think about a post that could be perfect.So  check it many times or edit & update

Make sentences or paragraph short to make good readability.

At the last when you have finished the writing, ask your reader politely to take action with your post to be friendly.Say them to commenting or share the post with their friends.

6-Optimize On page SEO

Now your post is complete, You are ready to take action and want to hit the publish button.

The last thing to do than you can publish your post.

Go to the last of the page and here set the meta description.Describe your whole post matter in short.

Meta description

The Meta description is the summary of your post which will show below the headline when someone will use to search your post in the search engine.

Focus keyword

Set a focus keyword. The focus keyword is the main point of the headline of the post.

For example: How to write a blog post?

In this headline, the focus key word is that write a blog post.

Mobile optimize site

Mostly visitor comes through mobile. Optimize your post according to mobile.Your post or site should be mobile friendly to get more traffic.

It was found that Many websites that aren’t mobile friendly they failed to get traffic.It’s time to face the fact 80% people having their own smartphone.

In April of 2015, Google released,  it’s mobile friendly update.This made a much stronger ranking in mobile searches.

It’s most needed at this time that your website must need to be mobile friendly.

Must need to do (Don’t avoid)

  • Set an impractical publishing plan.
  • Use header whitespace.
  • Use valuable or impressive image for post visualization
  • Use to give a reply to reader’s comment politely, never ignore them.
  • Use real keyword when you including a link in your post, Don’t Use “Click Here”.
  • Add social media sharing option to reach a wider audience with your post.
  • Show recent or popular post on the homepage of your site.
  • Download Google analytics to know every activity of your visitors.

7- Conclusion:

Content marketing is not really easy but not too hard if you have a bit skill of writing.

But there is no shortcut to being a successful blogger.

In spite of competition, you can be a success through writing good and data driven content.

If you started writing don’t give up if you really want to succeed.Write a long post with strong material to solve problems of readers.

Content Length affects the ranking.Write minimum  3 or 4 posts in a week to get ranking quickly in the search engine.Building on other people’s  research, data, static, enumeration get your content highly ranked in Google search engine.Your final paragraph should stimulate readers to carry out your information and your caption turn tracker into readers.A blog post is a coincides of different parts, you need to put a perfect recipe for your blog writing.Every prosperous blog is constructed on the foundation of substantial content, But it’s harmony that key to be successful is the search engine rank, read this.

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