Make money with Your blog step by step(15 Easy way to monetize a blog)

Most people of the world think about blogging as a  joke.And we can make passive income from a blog this is the biggest joke for them😃. They look at you as that you are a fool and talking about a senseless thing.

You are a successful blogger & making a big amount from your blog, talk about this with your friends & relatives who have no idea about blogging, they will laugh at you.

Most of the blogger face this thing. People who don’t know about make money blogging &  laughs at you, this is a thing of fun not to be serious.They make you laugh because they have no idea about it, But making money from blogging it,s true, I must say it is the Fact.

Make money is a difficult thing, so it becomes hard to someone that we can make lots of money from home through blogging online.

Many Bloggers shares their income from blogging.One of them Neil Patel uses to share his income with his visitors.

Here is the screenshot of his income in dollars from his blog neil

make money blogging

Many other bloggers also making millions from their blogs like Neil Patel.You also can, but it depends on your hard work or working strategy.It,s difficult to be like these bloggers but not impossible.The process of making money blogging takes time, so never give up. You can succeed to make money quickly with your site if you are working hard with   Good planning or right direction.

How to make money from your blog -Step by step

1-Start your blog

2-Write content

3- Get visitors on  your blog

4-Build engagement with your  readers

5-Make money from your blog

Don’t’ miss any step if you really want to make money from blogging.To make money online from the blog, you need to setup a blog.Good content is the soul of a blog. Write valuable content and find readers to read your blog post.You need to do something to keep coming to your readers on your blog.After all this, you can make money blogging.

Let,s Know in details about every step-

1-Start your blog

Obviously, to make money online, you need to start a blog.Without a blog, it,s not possible.So start a blog with a perfect niche.Choose your niche. It can be related to any hobbies, life experiences,  & the skills which you have.To grow your skill through a blog & also want to make money from it than you should start a blog.To start a blog step by step read this article –How to start a blog.

If you are heartily ready to start blogging to make money, it,s not too hard if you have a little bit to express ideas to others.You can grow yourself after coming in blogging.At every step and mistake, you will learn something new, The day will come you will be a master of your topic which you have to choose for blogging.

All top bloggers were new or beginners one day, they struggled, They didn’t give up because of hard work.So work hard with passions, good planning or right direction.No one can stop you to be a successful blogger.

So, For money making, blogging put the first step right now-How to start a Blog

2-Write  content

After starting a blog, the most important part is writing content.Content should be related to your blog niche, containing useful topic for coming victors.

When you are writing a content keep in mind your readers.Content makes your blog meaningful.A blog is not a blog without content.What value can be if there is no post on a blog?Post on a blog should be written according to the requirement of readers.

Making money from a blog is highly depends on the content that focuses the topic of your blog.The reader comes to know something new or profitable for them. Try to write content with unique things that will help readers to solve their problems that they having.Comprehensive content also helps to indexed quickly in a search that will help to make money quicker.To know more about writing content,  Read this article to learn More-How to write a good content

3-Get visitors on your blog

Promote your blog to get lots of traffic.Without visitors, there is no value of a blog.For example -Some one has many skills, he knows many unique things but no one has the idea about it.What value would be?How can he grow own self?.So promotion is the very important aspect to grow.

You started a blog with a perfect niche and wrote good content but there is no traffic, I mean you have no readers, how can you make money from your blog?.

Get visitors on your blog to make money blogging.If you have huge traffic on your blog, it becomes simple to make money from a blog.

Read this guide to learn how to get traffic on your blog-

how to promote your blog.

4-Build engagement with readers(Start An email list)

To build engagement with readers start commenting on other’s blogs. Join forums,  social media , communities   & Start an email list to keep engage with visitors.To keep coming back your first-time readers’ email list is the super way.You can start email list with SumoMe plugin for WordPress. It provides the simple way to create an email list.Through an email list, you can send your list your new article in their inbox directly.You will be able to Send your list subscribers any bonus.You could advertise any product or course.

Email marketing is the best way to make money online from a blog.Start an email list to engage your visitors for always.If you start an email list you will feel like your money is in the inbox when you would collect a long list of emails.

Read  Article from  for beginners who want to start their email list.

5-Start Making money from your blog

Now there!

The last & most important step if you have started your blog to make money. There are many ways to make money online from your blog.But I will explain here about some important of them that will help you to make money from your blog.

make-money with your blog

Here is 15 way to make money from your blog

1-Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is one of the best networks to place ads on your website  & monetize your blog.With the Google Adsense, you do not need to connect with advertiser directly.Simply create the account on the Google Adsense, here Google Adsense will provide you the code of ads banners on your website or blog, where you want.

Through the Google Adsense the most of the blogger place ads on their blog or website to make money.There are two types of ads-

1-PPC /CPC(pay per click/cost per click):

You can understand through the name, When someone clicks on ads banners you are paid for per click.How much amount paid it depends on ads quality.Through the CPC ads, You can earn a lot of amounts but it depends on your blog traffic.The more traffic you have, the more you will earn.You will earn from a click small amount, so you need huge traffic to get lots of clicks.

CPC (cost per click) CPC depends on ads type.When  Google Adsense showing the most expensive thing to your visitors. The visitors will click on Ads,  you will pay an expensive amount, it may be one dollar or more.It called CPC ads.

Placing PPC ads banners at the beginning   & the end of an article where the visitors mostly grab their attention.It will give you more PPC & more you earn.If you placing an ad at the Bottom of the Post where visitors never click, it would be bad for you.So, choose the valuable place for your ads banner so you got more PPC to earn more.

Mostly, it depends on your blog or website,s content that what type ads Google AdSense will show up to your visitors.The financial products generate more expensive  PPC from your placing ads.

Pay per click ads is the good way to make money from your blog or website in an easy way.You can find PPC ads in Google Adsense, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, Chitika. Google Adsense is one of the popular websites to make money from PPC Advertising.

2-CPM(Cost per mile ):

CPM ads are quite similar to PPC ads.PPC ads pay for per click but CPM ads pay for page views or page impressions.CPM ads depend on the pageviews of your blog or website.If you place CPM ads on your site, You would be paid for 1000 impression something one dollar or more.If your blog has 300,000 page views in a month you can earn from CPM ads 300 Dollars in a month.CPM ads also good to make money if you get more pageviews on your website or blog.

Placing ads at the right place on your website, it will help you to get more money from your blog.The most important thing to make money is  The traffic.So get traffic & start making money through advertising.

2-Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the way that makes to a massive income from your blog.It is commission system.You promote other’s products and services on your blog. when some one, Go through your blog and sign up for their service, The providers will give you a commission.

Make money with your blog-affiliate marketing

You need to Join the affiliate program of any company which you want to promote on your blog.The affiliates give you the link or banner. Include this link in your content or place banners where your readers grab their attention more.Choose the right place for Affiliate link or banners to get more sign ups the result you will get lots of commission.

Choose an affiliate program to promote the services related to your blog or content.Promote product or services you also using personally.You can place a  disclosure in your content about your affiliate link or banner.

There are many affiliate program, you can join any of them. I recommended, choose the affiliate program that is related to your blog niche.Here is some popular affiliate program to join:

The affiliate marketing is the simple way to make money from blogging.It,s an easy way to monetize your blog.The step is very usual & free to join an affiliate program. You have a blog with good content &  also getting lots of visitors, it becomes more easy to make money blogging.

3-Email marketing

Make money with your blog-email marketing

Email marketing is a preform of sending spot announcement to a group of people by using emails.To keep coming back your first-time readers and provide them new services in their inboxes, the email list is the best way.Through the email marketing, you can make money also.On your blog Provide the service to join your email list. If your readers like your blog and want to come back they will join your newsletter.

Through the email list, you can’t make money directly but you have a list of your readers who like your blog.You can offer them anything.You can notify to your list about your new content /course/ebook/video or any service that you have started on your blog.

You can make an email through these WordPress plugins.

I will suggest for SumoMe, I also using it.It is really simple to start an email list.You can manage your email list with Aweber  & PopUp Domination.

An email list helps you to generate lots of money.You can promote anything to your list.Your list is the audience that trusts on you.Never send lots of email in a day to your list.The best thing to making engagement with your list, send valuable and profitable emails to them.It would be good, send emails two times in a week. Most of the bloggers use to send emails on a schedule, they send emails to their list two or three times in a week.

4-Write An Ebook and Hardback book

You can earn a decent income with an ebook.Write a unique ebook after keeping in mind the requirement of your readers.Nowadays, most of the bloggers are using to write an ebook.Readers like reading ebook, so you also need to try on it.Write an ebook on a relevant topic to grab more readers.

Make money with your blog-ebook & hardback book

You can promote your ebook on your own blog.This would be the best way to get lots of traffic and make passive income from your blog.Sell ebook on apple store or amazon kindle.Amazon Kindle is the best market retailer to sell your ebook to make money from it.Create an ebook related with you blog topics.

Ebook subject material should be unique.Make it catchy or comprehensive.If you are writing only the matter which is in your blog content, then why your readers will buy your ebook? while they have read articles.

Creating an ebook is the splendid & prevalent way to make money.You are an owner of a blog, You have the audience to sell or promote an ebook, so writing an ebook will generate lots of income. Create an ebook on a splendid niche that will help you to grab a huge number of readers, the result would be you can make more money.It,s easy to get published an ebook to sell on Amazon and store.

Write a Hardback Book:

Write a book of your blog topic. If you can write an ebook then it would be easy to you.Write a comprehensive hardback or paperback book to publish.You can publish it online easily on book can be a great source of income for you.You can directly promote your book on your blog .Sell it online through your blog  & send a copy of the book to visitors.The book may be a big source of collecting money for email subscribers.

5-Sell your own product

If you don’t want to promote other’s products on your website.You can sell your own products or services through your blog.You can sell your own app, Course, ebook.Not only apps or services but also, you can sell goods through your blog or website.If you are an artist, want to sell your art to your audience, then you can.This is also the way of making money from your blog.

Make a comparison with offline businessmen, they have a limited audience to sell their goods or services, But if you are trying to sell your products online through your blog you have the whole world.

You are a designer or programmer if you have created an app. You can put it on your blog to download it .How good thing it would be?You have already a platform to sell & promote anything.


Make money with your blog-consulting

You can make money via consulting.You can offer to your visitors or subscribers that you are starting consulting related with your blog topic .Give the place to your visitors like skype call.You can fix a rate of consulting.

You can start with cheap as $60  of one hour.Send an email to your list about your consulting session.Send a message to your followers that you starting consulting on skype at the fixed amount $60/$75/$100/$300, whatever your visitors can afford.This thing needs to be a professional blogger.It will take a long time if you are beginners.Your reputation as a blogger in your topic should be great.

You can provide to your visitors your phone no. or skype id to contact you.Consulting is not starting thing to do on a blog. When you would be a famous blogger, even your visitors will ask you for consulting, you can start consulting at that time.You can make lots of money from consulting if you are doing good.

7-Selling  Course & services

Create a super useful course for your visitors on your blog topic.You already teaching your visitors through your blog post. It would be a good thing for your readers provide them the course to understand well.Building a paid course would be a good opportunity of learning to your readers.Create a course for solutions of your reader’s problems that contains the answers of all questions which they use to ask you in the discussion.

The course should be with full solutions.Make it visual and practical.You can fix the rate of course.You need to know that how much audience is excited for your course & how much they can afford to purchase your course.

Services: Many bloggers provide services like coaching, consulting, freelance writing for other blogs.You can start services according to your blog niche.

8-Host a Webinar

Make money with your blog-start a webinar

You can start Webinar: we can call it online seminar.The Host of the webinar is the specialist of a particular subject.You are free on the webinar to ask questions related to the topic.The webinar is a  lecture program on a specific topic. It,s a presentation by professionals.You can ask your visitors to book their seat to join the webinar.It held a live performance where every member is able to ask questions on a topic.

Start your own webinar when you will become a professional blogger. If you are a beginner webinar isn’t a good option for you.The webinar should be free of cost.You can’t make money from a webinar but it leads a lot of traffic on your blog that result of making money via the blog.You have started webinar for free but someone wants to consult especially, you can charge money for him.The blogger Neil Patel use to hosting a webinar.

9-Start a Live workshop

make money with your blog-live workshop

You can start a live workshop to make money online.Here your visitors can ask you face to face.You can teach them live.It will feel to visitors like a classroom.If they want to meet you in your workshop they can if it is possible to them.You can charge for it to join your live teaching class.

Live workshop lets you to connect your audience face to face with you.You come to know from your audience that what thing of your blog or website they like or what dislike.You can express your own experiences personally to your visitors who have joined your live workshop.

Most of the people like live workshops & ready to pay lots of money because there is the opportunity for them to ask any question to find solutions.But in tutorials, they can’t do this.

To join your live workshop you can charge for tickets to make money.At the end of the workshop, you can promote your own book or ebook related to the topic of the live workshop.You can invite guest speakers to the workshop. At the end of the workshop, they will promote their own products, you can find a half share.

Record your workshop session  & upload it on your blog or website for free.They will come to know about your workshop, perhaps they will come to join your live workshop at the next time.Making an arrangement of a live workshop isn’t too hard. You can make your own conference room if you can, If not there are many hotels, having a conference room you can book it for your event.

10-Teaching program

make money with your blog-online teaching program

You can start online teaching program through your blog.Charge for join membership of your online course.Charge only for premium tips that you never wrote on your blog post.If you will charge hundred or more dollars for that content which they can read for free.It would be bad.You will lose the trust of your audience.Include in your online teaching course video, podcast, tutorials.

You can give the disclaimer on your blog about your online teaching course :

For example: Want to be a   pro blogger join my 4 weeks online teaching course.

In your online course try to teach your audience much better .Charge only for new or premium tips that is not available for free to your audience.

11-Audio Advertising(PPP)

Make money with your blog-audio adertising

Audio advertising works like PPC ads.It called PPP Pay per Play.You would have to see audio advertising on websites. Audio advertising makes for you lots of money than CPC & CPM ads.You can earn $5 per visit through audio advertising.This method of advertising is curious, it interferes to visitors.When someone opens your website Audio ads play automatically it’s a noisy method, visitors feel disturbing through audio advertising, you have a risk of losing visitors.This method of making money, you can earn lots of money from it.

You can start your own podcast another type of audio advertising.It is better than Audio ads that play automatically and disturbs to visitors .Give some valuable information through your podcast & You can also advertise any other thing through your podcast.It will look like a radio, not like ads.The method audio advertising is good to make money a lot.

12-Sell Advertising space

You can make money by selling space to advertisers on your website or blog.There is no middle man to cut of income. You can directly fix your advertising space rate with the advertiser.

It,s negative part is that You would have to spend time for discussing with the advertiser.You need lots of traffic than any advertiser will ask you for advertising space for his ads.

13-Sell your blog or website:

Make money with your blog -sell a blog or website

If any website or blog is unable to get visitors & not making money.If you want to give up, you can make money from it.Auction your blog or website that has failed.You don’t want to work on it anymore.You can sell it to others.There are many persons who want a website that is complete with old age authority.You can make a big amount of money from it.

Some people making websites to sell.They are doing it because there are lots of lazy people who don’t want spend their time to create a blog or website.They search for buying an already built website.How much they fix money for a selling website it depends on the quality of a website or blog.

14-Content marketing tool

It is possible on your blog to promote product & make money from it.Preferably thinking of it as making money from promoting the products, nevertheless think of your blog making a content marketing tool to generate huge traffic on your blog for lots of money.

Make money with your blog-content marketing tool

Chances are virtually everlasting when it comes to making money from a blog.You can sell your own handmade products.Launch your own app if you are a programmer or designer.Write ebook or book and promote it on your blog & get readers.Start webinar, workshop, online teaching course & podcast to increase visitors for making money.

Someone has already a business, they also start a blog to promote it online through a blog or website.For example, You have a showroom of antiques.You want to promote it to the whole world, it can be possible when you will start a blog. Write about each product with the clear images to attract visitors.Cover in your blog topic reconditioning of your product.Don’t worry If You are unable to sell your product online but you can make a brand of your product through a blog.

15-Direct Or indirect income

In the starting of a blog, every blogger is new, he having less knowledge about their blog topic.New bloggers use to make money directly from their blog.They put CPC/CPM ads, Include affiliate links or banners in their blog & create an  Email list to sell.These are the direct method to make money from their blog.Gradually, they grow up as a professional blogger, Bloggers start providing services, coaching consulting, webinar, seminars, this called the indirect income because of the blog.Direct income: income from the blog but indirect income means income because of the blog.

Direct income: income from the blog but indirect income means income because of the blog.When a blogger working well, getting a huge traffic on his/her blog.His profile Go viral, visitors not only want to read them but also hear, watching or meeting to know more from him.They ask for consulting or coaching face to face or live.The income from these things called indirect income. It,s not from the blog but you earned it because of the blog.


I have listed here several method to make money from a blog step by step, if you are a beginner, You have started your blog, looking for make money with your blog, use any of these methods which is suitable for you.

If you already using any method & making money which is not listed in my post, then suggest me.

Further Post

How to promote your blog: 26 (Free) ways to generate traffic

So, You started your blog.You have written some valuable content.

Undoubtedly, now you are looking for promoting your blog to get traffic.Without traffic, there is no value of a blog.

Many bloggers failed because of traffic. They were failed to get readers on their blog while they wrote good content.

But don’t worry you are not like them, Without a mistake we never face failure, see this screenshot from Neil Patel,s blog crazy egg-

How to promote your blog

If you really want to promote your blog to get a lot of traffic you need to leave old theory.You need some new and latest thing to do with your blog.

There is the millions blog that is indexed by google. Write a post or publish it, not enough to get traffic.You need to spend your time in the promotion after writing posts.

When you  are writing a post  keep in mind your readers.To be successful in blogging write a data driven content.Only writing is not important but important thing is that in your writing, you should never forget your reader.It,s not necessary that what you know and what you think but it’s really necessary that what your readers want, what they think, What type content will attract them?

Spend your time in promotion of your blog as well writing. Don’t ignore it, if you want to be a successful blogger who has a huge number of audience. You are aware of ordinary promotional techniques but you need to some extra or new to get traffic on your blog.

How to promote your blog: 26 Unique(Free) ways to get traffic

1-Share your content

Social media is the primary source to promote your blog. At this time mostly the people spending their time on social media.The best way to promote your blog on these sites where you can easily find readers.

You can share your content to those people who are in touch with you, because, you also there.You need to connect with these social sites.Create your account on all social media sites if you haven’t.

Here are endless opportunities to get traffic on your blog for free.

Here are social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

These are most popular social platforms, People every time stands here.You can share them your content or sell anything whatever you want.

If you are sharing your blog or blog post on these social networks, you using audiences in a smart way.

A majority of your readers use social networks and a long part of their time spend on social media.

In the beginning, every blogger used to promote their blog on social media, this is the simple way of promotion.If you are writing a good content after keeping in mind your readers and their requirements then no one can stop your blog to go viral.

So start sharing right now:

2-Share on Facebook

promote your blog

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to promote your blog easily. You can find here every type people who are professional or unprofessional.

It will be bad to say a blogger that create an account on Facebook. It’s a general thing that you would have a Facebook account.

Now you are ready to promote your blog content.You wrote it well with a unique information for readers. To get readers from Facebook, the First step would be ,Go to your Facebook account and share your content on your Facebook page.

Include the link to your blog in your Facebook profile.It would be a good thing to promote your blog in front of your friend on Facebook.

Create a page on Facebook include the name of your blog niche.You can invite your friend to join your page and share it as well.

Post your content on your Facebook page on a schedule.

Post on Facebook at the end of the week is the best way to get more readers on your blog.

  • Wednesday’s-Post at 3 P.M.
  • Saturdays-Sundays-Post at 12-1  p.m.
  • Thursdays-Fridays-Post at 1-4 p.m.

Share post on Facebook every day on this schedule which is given above.

If you have more than ten thousand friends on Facebook, you can post two times in a day to lead more traffic on your blog.

Use hashtag :

If you want to concentrate your readers on your specific topic, use the hashtag in your post on Facebook. This thing will help to readers to click on the specific thing which you have provided to them.

Hashtag categorize your content for search and helps to readers to find out.It makes easy to understand readers about popular to get attention.If you are a Facebook user then see at the right corner of your Facebook page ,there are many popular hashtags which are provided by the


Pin Post at the top of your Facebook page:

If you want to increase more traffic, pin your popular content link at the top of your Facebook page.It will help you to lead significant  traffic on your blog.

It’s a simple way to increase readers.When someone open page, at first he will notice your pinned post to know what is specific in that.

Pinning a post is really easy -Go to your normally published  post, above of the post, look at the right side, click on the small  arrow type icon & pin your post, your post will be pinned right now.

Create Facebook group Or join other’s, group:

Facebook groups are the great community to join.Here you can promote your blog simply.You can join groups here related to your blog topics.If you want, you can create your own group.

In your own group, You are the Admin of your group, You can make every change according to you.

Pin Your post in your Group if you are an admin.Pinned post in a group will lead a lot of traffic.

Create a Facebook page:

You can create here your own page.Page  name should be as your blog name.If you don’t want same as your blog name you can create it including some any words of your blog niche or subject matter. You can invite your friends to like your page and share it where you can.

Publish every new post from your blog at your page.Everyone who is the liker of your page will notify when you publish any content on your page.

Boost post to get traffic :

You can boost your post in a small amount, it,s really easy on Facebook.You can do it after making a Facebook page.

You can target your audience according to your content subject.You have to pay for visits, not for clicks.

Facebook is the perfect network to incite your social recommended traffic. You need to publish an entertaining blog post to Facebook promotion. Facebook users want to be entertained, so make post humorous or super useful post to get lots of social referrals traffic.

3-Share your content On Twitter

how to promote your blog

Twitter is a professional social media platform.If you are an active twitter user here you can connect with millions  followers.To be active on twitter post in fifteen times in a day.You can follow here top bloggers of blogging industry.

To engage traffic from twitter you should have followers, so be active on twitter to share your content to get readers from twitter.

The best time to tweet on twitter :

  • Post in a day at-9-10 p.m.,2-3 a.m.& 6-7 a.m.
  • Mondays and Fridays-at 12- 3 p.m. & 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday’s-post at 12pm& 5- 6 p.m.

This is the best schedule to tweet on twitter to get a huge number of readers on your blog content.

Share your content on your twitter account in multiple times in a day to promote your blog on twitter.

The frequency of tweeting on twitter is 15  times. To be active on twitter or get lots of visitors, be continue in this frequency.

Tweet some valuable tips or experiences ideas with your content link.It would be bad that you are tweeting only your content’s link.Write something specific to attract followers.If you are using in your tweet only links of your blog or blog post, followers never will come in touch with you.

Use to give a response to your followers tweet.Tweet in 70-100 characters and include an image with your tweet.The image should be attractive or it  contains your subject material.

Don’t forget use of  #hashtag, to engage the attraction of your followers with your popular subject matter of your tweet.

To keep the attention of your followers on your tweet #hashtag is very useful.

Tweet with add:

If you want to quickly result of your tweet, you can advertise of your tweet.Click on any tweet which you have published.Below of your tweet, click on view tweet activity.

Here you will see the impressions of your tweet and total engagements. At the below of all this click on get started and select your audiences or give payment information. Before it here will be a link ads, click on that to know more about twitter advertising.

4-Share your post on Google+

Google + is a social media platform by Google.It also a big social media platform to share your content.Create your own profile here to promote your blog.Your Gmail account automatically makes your account on G+ .

To be an active Google+ user you need to post two times in a day. The schedule of posting:

Monday -Friday -Post a 9-11 a.m. and Wednesday post at 9 a.m.

5-Use LinkedIn to share your blog

how to promote your blog

Linkedin Is a Business professional social media platform, You can create your account here.Share your content to your connection four times in a week.Linkedin is a busiest social media platform because here are all professional peoples who are from working area.They Mostly used to active after the work week.

The best time to post  on LinkedIn :

Tuesday-Thursday:Post at 7:30- 8:30 & 5-6 a.m.

Tuesday: Post at 10-11 a.m.

Post a short message on LinkedIn that contains the particular things from your content that will attract your connections.

Use videos and infographics to post on LinkedIn.Your busiest connections have no time to read your big messages so keep short your post message.Keep trying to help them to grow their business or skills, this think will attract them to keep reading your content.

Use LinkedIn groups to share your blog:

LinkedIn groups are  very useful to get readers on your blog.You can join groups or create your own LinkedIn groups to connect with peers.

Linkedin groups look like the Facebook group as well, If you will success to inspire your group members then share them your content or promote your blog.

Like as  Facebook, LinkedIn also provides the sponsored content to promote your blog.Here also you are able to boost your already shared post.You will have to pay for it an amount.You can target your right audience to promote your blog.

6-Promote your blog with Pinterest:

how to promote your blog

Share your content images on Pinterest.Create your own board on Pinterest to grow a lot of traffic from Pinterest.Post on Pinterest in multiple time in a  day.

Pin at the best time: You can pin on the Pinterest t 2-4 a.m.

On Saturday you can pin at 8-11 p.m.

On Friday you can pin at 3 p.m.

Daily pinning on the Pinterest is the best way to be active or to  promote your blog.You can pin four, nine, and 30 times in a day on Pinterest.But in a research, it is found that pinning nine times is the best frequency.

7-Create an email list

If you will ask successful bloggers about the big source of traffic on their blog, they will tell you about the email list.Building an email list is the best way to turn organic traffic and keep coming back your first readers forever. You can create your email list with SumoMe plugin. Start your email list today.SumoMe work well to build an email list.Through email list, you can send to your subscribers’ everything direct in their inbox.

how to promote your blog

Send emails on a  schedule will help you to get visitors on your blog post.It is  founded that send an email at the weekend is very helpful to grow your visitors.

In your time zone sending an email at 10 a.m.  the best time to let go viral your blog.Create a pretty campaign to send emails.

Add social share buttons to email campaigns that will help readers to share your content with others.Mostly bloggers posts emails 3-4 time in a week,

An email list makes your blog traffic doubles when you send emails to your list about a new publish post.They come to know directly by a notification.Your can inform your blog subscribers  about your new updates, new contents ,bonus or courses .Send emails directly in the email box to the whole list.

8-Publish Long content

Don’t miss this thing to get traffic on your new blog.Write long content with a pretty strategy , good & valuable subject matter.Google ranks long article quickly than a short article.

Write article above  2000+ words if you really want to get traffic on your blog.

The top blogger of blogging industry Neil Patel says that long articles quickly ranked by every search engine in compare of few words articles.He used to write articles 4000 to 8000 words  always.

Comprehensive articles are the most important source of getting traffic on your blog.Mostly bloggers missed this thing.Write long article to get rank in search engines.

9-Write Guest Post

Guest posting is the best way to promote your blog.Write guest  post to those blogs who have a huge number of visitors & having lots of subscribers.

Use to write a guest post for the top and popular blogs than your,s that will help your blog to promote.When you will write a guest post,  give the bio & blogs link in it. Guest post works of an effective backlink for your blog.

In a guest post, you are allowed to link your blog, it will give you the result of lots of traffic.Before writing a guest post, make sure that you are targeting to the right community.

10-Comment on other’s blog

Use blog commenting on other’s blog to make a relationship with another blogger, It is the way to make a community. When you comment on blogs, the authors of blogs and other readers who already commenting on the blogs also noticed on you or your blog link.

Use an insightful comment on a blog to grab the attention of author and readers of that post.If you comment in effective style with some important thing, other readers will try to know about you, they will use click on your blog link.

Comment on a highly authoritative & popular blog to get lots of traffic on your blog.

11-Participate in forums

Participate in online forums related to your blog topic & Become an active member on online forums.It will help you to promote your blog.

how to promote your blog

Use the link to your blog in your forums signature to  get traffic from forums on your blog.

There are many forums where people gather to talk to each other on specific topics.Like as commenting, on the forums you can be able to draw attention to yourself and your blog through conversations and adding quality.

Other forums participants may follow you & your blog through your  signature link.You can add a direct link to the special post to collect visitors through forums.

12-Use Quora to promote your blog

Quora is a question answering site.People use to ask questions on this site on various topics.Search a topic related to your blog niche, give  answer of questions in your opinion.At the end of your answer, you can put the link of your blog. It,s an invitation to readers to come on your blog to know more on that topic.Try to give right answer that readers really want to know.

13-Post on Reddit for promotion

There is a large community on Reddit.Reddit community loves to spend time on the internet.Search subreddit related to your blog topic and participate in their conversations.

Whenever you publish a new post and want to promote, share your post to applicable subreddit. Start a helpful discussion on Reddit don’t use just plugging a link. Use to spread your experience on your topic and try to learn something, it would be bad that they think about you that your purpose to come on Reddit is  only promotion of your blog to them.

After a helpful discussion, you can promote your blog ,even they can  ask you about your blog if your discussion is helpful to them.

14-Use Content syndication

You can publish your current content on other websites, that called syndication of your blog.Guest posting requires only new content which you but in the syndication, you can post your existing content to some website to get visitors.Make sure before syndication that you dropped a link in your post to grab readers on your blog and ask people to click on the links.

Search some websites of blogging industry related with your blog topic to syndicating your blog, Such as Linkedin & Medium. You can use these site easily to syndicating your blog.

15-Outreach plan

Make an outreach plan to promote your blog.Certainly, you have social media community and an email list If not then build up it does outreach.

Look some other blogger and their audiences it is possible, ask them to share your content on social media or on their email list.

Just ask them to come to know about your blog & share to their related bloggers, influencers or business owners.Some of them give you a response or some will ignore. So make a list of interested people to your content, and get in touch with them.

Don’t shy to do this because of it may be that they can  say you no.Nothing is worst to do this.May be It possible some of them will say yes.

16-Blogging community

Submit your content to the blogging community, these are the nice place to get traffic on your blog.Here are some top blogging communities where you can submit your content to get huge traffic on your blog.Read this to Know about some blogging community.

17-Use Social share buttons

how to promote your blog

Include social share buttons in your content.Social share buttons help to your visitors to share your content with their friends.It helps you to get traffic to your blog from social sites.So install social sharing plugin and put sharing buttons in your content.

Social share buttons will lead more shares to your content the resulting traffic to your blog.

18-Convert your blog post into PDFs

Convert your blog posts into PDFs and submit it on the pdfs submit website. It is the way to generate more traffic on your site. It will help to the reader to read your blog post offline after downloading.Make sure ,in  your PDF, you include the link of your website. It will help to your reader to come on your website after finishing PDF.Here are some pdf submit sites.

19-Start a Podcast

Podcast nowadays become the best way to exhaust content on a transpose.In a  Search, it is found that Million people of America like podcasts.It helps to people to learn at the working time.

You can listen to a podcast while you are busy with other work or you have no time to reading articles or watching any video.Put a headphone in your ears and listen to the podcast.Start your own podcast today to boost the traffic of your blog.

Submit your podcast to audio sites to make available it for all.It will help you to increase traffic on your blog. Read this guide to know about some podcast submit sites.

20-Create an e-book

Create a minor or brief e-book and make it available for free to your readers.Even don’t ask for email for this but share it everywhere.Ask your readers to share it where it possible for them.Include link and bio inside your e-book, help visitors to find out your blog.An e-book increases massive traffic on your blog if you create it in high-value or providing free of cost.

21-Optimize Basic SEO

how to promote your blog

Basic SEO is also the source to lead traffic on your blog so don’t ignore it. Many bloggers ignore the basic SEO, it can be the cause of suffering & they  lose their traffic.Successful bloggers 50 % traffic get from the search engine because they never ignore basic SEO of their site.

Use right title tag, catchy description to attract the attention of visitors.Make sure that your site is easy to navigate in search engine, It will help you to get traffic on your blog.

22-Use Of Images

Use catchy, valuable images in every blog post.If you include images in your blog posts it can succeed to get 95% more traffic in  compare of without image article.

how to promote your blog

Ensure that every post of your blog including one or more images, that can help you to boost your blog traffic.Images make your blog visual to readers.Post with images that catches the attention of readers.It makes the look of your post pretty.

23-Submit blog to Directories

Submit your blog to blog or websites directory to boost your traffic.Blog directories can be a good source to get traffic on your blog.Here is the list of some free blog directories.

24-Make your Post easy to share

Use floating share bar to share your content. I recommended to SumoMe Plugin to enable floating share bar on your blog content.Floating social share bar include in your blog content, that move with readers to help them share your content on social sites.It leads much traffic on your blog from social sites.

Use follow us buttons on your blog to join you on social media, It will help you to promote your blog through social sites.

Use social lockerz share buttons. You can give a bonus of any pdf, infographic or any e-book.If your reader will share this than it will unlock and your reader will able to read this.Social locker helps to increase social shares of your blog.

25-Use Flipboard for promotion

Flipboard is a mobile app, it has 80 million users.Download app & create your account on Flipboard.Simply post your content in one click on Flipboard. It will turn into an astonishing magazine style format and tap to share your content with 80 million users.It’s the best app to increase your blog traffic.

You can build a digital magazine which will help you to share your best content formerly your blog niche.

26-Create infographics

Infographics work as like a post of thousand words.Infographics make your blog visual, valuable or interesting for readers.Turn your post into the infographic, share it on these sites like or

Infographics will help you to bring new visitors who react well to visual content.An infographic can help you to get more response from visitors to increase your blog traffic.Create high-quality infographics related to your content matter and offer to another blogger to include it in their posts.If other bloggers will include your infographic in their blog post, it works  as a backlink to generate much traffic to your blog.

To let go your infographic viral check out this post from to get lots of traffic from the infographic.It  leads backlinks to your website, to know about link approach  see this infographic  case study by  Brian Dean the owner of


There are many other ways to promote your blog, but I have pointed out here very important of them.

After knowing that how to promote a blog or website,it  becomes easy to get traffic on your blog. Spend your time in promotion sure you will success to increase traffic.

Publish a post simply, share with your email list subscriber or  on social media is not enough to get traffic on your blog.You can’t hope for the best, it can be in limited numbers.Getting traffic depends on your blog niche & starting strategy of your work.The article should be comprehensive with special keywords or valuable information.

After posting an article, some of the new bloggers wait for visitors. But how it can be possible, you need to write more posts in a frequency to get ranked in google or any other search engines.

Spend your much time to promote your blog to get lots of traffic.I explained in my post some important or valuable promotion tactics.Apply these tactics and start boosting your blog traffic right now.

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How to write a blog post :beginners guide 2019

So you have started your own blog?


That,s Good, congratulation!!!

Now you are looking for writing a good or an attractive post to get a lot of traffic on your blog.

Obviously, you should  do something like that:

  1. Sit in front of your computer.
  2. Go to the Dashboard panel of your WordPress blog.
  3. Click on the post >add a new post.Write here the title of your post.
  4. Write post related to your blog niche.

Is this much to write a blog post?

Mine answer is NO!

Probably you know, to be a successful Online marketer, blogging is a very important aspect.

Without Blogging, SEO will like a cistern, you have nothing to fill it.Before starting to write a post you would have to think as a reader.You need to write a blog post according to readers, what they want, which style of writing will attract them more.

You can search in the browser the keyword of your post topic.Here you will see, there are many posts, related to your post topic.

This will automatically track your mind that already there are many bloggers related to your niche, How will you compete with them while they are professional or you are a beginner

Now you are thinking like that…

What would you do to attract readers to your post?

You need to make a strategy before starting to write a blog post.

So now you would understand, that what type post you will have to write to get a lot of traffic.

Undoubtedly, you need to write something new or attractive on that topic, which will attract readers on your post.

You would have to do something extra or new.So not only write a post but also pursue something new.Work hard,  track the mind of your reader than start writing.

In these days you can search in google on any topic. You can find here many blogs, they will help you to write a blog post in an effective style.

Don’t copy to other bloggers but learn from them. You will come to know that which things readers mostly likes or which dislikes.

Now your target should be to write on the way which readers mostly likes.

If you want to increase your knowledge related to your post topic, there are many online sources.

To write a good blog post, compel of some personalization.Share your own experiences to your reader.Hartley try to solve the problems of your reader, this will show in your blog post.

How to write a blog post: Simple formula  in 5 easy steps:

1-Topic planning

2-Awesome headline

3-Write your post

4-Use image

5-Optimize on-page SEO

6-Edit post


Here is a review of each step in details.

1-Topic planning

When you are going to write your post.At that time you would have to keep in your mind your audience.What need of them, You will have to plan your post topic according to readers.

Topic planning

The whole process of writing post, usually, takes a pair of time.If you are seriously writing your post according to the requirements of readers than it may take time.

It might take many days or week.Depends on you that how much you know about your topic,& how much good your typing speed.

Spend your hours in planning for your post before actually writing it.

This thing for new bloggers that they should spend the time to plan before writing a  post.If you are an experienced blogger and already planned on your post topic then you can start writing.

Choose a topic

Choose an interesting topic according to your blog address.Your post topic can be general, pretty.For example, You is a wedding planner, Your post topic would be “how to plan a wedding”?

This would be general according to your skill.The common cause that you want to tell your reader that how you plan weddings.

You have practically done it.You will share your experience with wedding planning. If you really interested in this topic it will show in your post and expressing style.

Although,”Wedding planning ” is not a new topic for anyone. But readers want some new, if you have some new or attractive in your post or your expressing style is impressive, Surely reader will give you response.

This would be a common cause that you want to tell your reader, how you planned weddings, you have practically done it, you will share your experience with wedding planning

So keep in your mind before writing on your topic that there are many blogs related to your topics(Whatever your topic) but if you want to succeed you will have to come up with something new or impressive.

Write an outline

Start writing your blog post and make an outline.


In outline, you are covering everything in short which is you are providing in the entire post.It called to be a short form of your post topic.

It,s an overview in which you are giving headings or subheadings.

An outline doesn’t be long or detailed.It will be short or impressive to covering the main topic in short.

For example, An outline will look like:


Explaining post writing strategy -Paragraph

2-Blog post planning

Choose a topic, write an outline, research.

3-Write your post

Main material of post in paragraphs

4-Use image

Use catchy images


Before start writing makes an outline like this.

Write it in a notebook. It will help you to write according to plan.

You can write well after making a suitable or short form of your entire post.It hints you to write in detail on your post topic.

An outline stops you from going out of your post topic. It keeps you focused on all structure of the post. An Outline retains you honest about your post topic.

2- An awesome Headline of your post:

Blog post headline should be awesome covering, full in short, everything which you want to write in your post.

Your headline would be a  very important part in your post.Usually, a heading is the first thing that people will see in your post.

The headline of the post should be attractive or interesting to make people enough to read the rest part of the post.Never give a boring or out of post topic headline.

Like my topic:”how to write a blog post.” This title simply expressing that I’m writing my post about to write a blog post.

So make post heading about something you write in your post. What is the main topic of your post, a headline should be about that.

Like mine post topic about writing a blog post, so my post heading is covering the topic that how to write a blog post.write a blog post is the main topic.

The headline is a question which is asked by the audience.

Think as an audience, You want to start blogging.What you will search in Google to find the answer

Evidently, you will search something like: How to start a blog?

The search engine will provide you many articles related your question.But the exact article which heading is matched to your question will look at first.

If you want, when someone comes to know about your topic, ask a question then your post will look him first.

Select a question in your headline. So be sure about it that is the question of your reader in which they are authentically interested. Writing headlines is firstly an art than science.

In a blog post, you are experimenting with readers, you are doing everything as a psychologist.

3-Write your post


In the introduction, firstly clutch the attention of your audience.Share them some personal.Put a conversational style in front of them.Tell any story about you or any part of your success.

Writing a post:main topic

If you are unable to impress your reader in this paragraph you will lose them.They will stop reading and feel bored.

So try to write something humorous or personalize your writing style to grab your audiences. Write something interesting which audience read start to end.

Describe the main purpose of your post.Sure your audience that you will solve their problem which they have.This will make a connection with your reader to keep reading the post, to improve their work.

Classify your post

Before writing the main part of the post you classify your article.

Most bloggers write an article in classify style to express well.Sometimes, the post has an astonishing amount of information so certainly, it becomes lengthy.

After seeing a lengthy post reader get bored.So organize your post in multiple sections like tips, section, list whatever is suitable for the post.

For example:

Let,s take a look like this –

I will show you how to write a good blog post in five easy steps.

I separated this post in five section Here is the list of some valuable platforms, website, topics.

There are five tips to increase your website traffic.

This will grab your audience with your post start to end.So organize your post in right way to keep reading your audience.

Write the main subject of Post

So now you have planned your post topic, given a specific headline, wrote an introduction in an expressive style and organized your post.

Now, this is the time to write the main part of your post according to the main keyword of your headline.Now you actually write the post.So start right now.

This is the part in which you will give the answer of your reader’s problem.This main part of your post will complete the purpose of your reader to come on your post.

So I, ll suggest you write a post in one session if possible.If you write a post in one session surely this is the best post than more session draft.

It makes easier for you to stay and focus on the topic.You deeply involved in the post topic at that time.

Ideas come after one after there is no break. It makes your post topic more attractive.You can write something new or specific that is the requirement for a new blogger to come up with something new to be successful in blogging.

To be a successful blogger you need to improve your typing speed.This is also a very important aspect.If you want to write on a big topic in 4000 + word minimum,  this will take time.

If your typing speed or topic planning is good. It,s really simple or interesting for you.You will enjoy your writing.To be a better blog writer check out this post.

Write about what you know and what you planned about post topic.If You don’t know deeply, do research know more, collect the latest information related to the topic and keep writing.

There are some important tools which will help you to write your post and improve your writing skill well.

  • Power Thesaurus: This is the best tool to improve your blog post writing.It is a word stock tool. Power Thesaurus provides many similar words.You can use it for one word’s synonyms.The power Thesaurus is the cooperated tool that provides a ton of alternative word choice of professional writer’s community.
  • Cliche Finder:
  • Use cliche finder to make the post more attractive.Here are you can search cliche of any writer related with your post topic.Add cliche in your post. This tool will give your post cheesy look.
  • Zen Pen: Zen Pen is also the best tool to write a post in an interesting way.You can use this tool to write your post in a simple & an attractive look.

Writing becomes easier when you write more.when you start writing it will take time of several days or may be one week.But after it makes a rhythm, and becomes a habit of you.

After some time you will write a great post in hours by practice or passions.To know more or improve your writing skill read this post.

“Practice makes everything possible “Starting never be effective but practice makes it effective or natural.

4-Use Image in the post:

In a blog, post image plays a good role to make a  post interesting or visual.Use good image in your post related to the topic.

Sometimes, the reader gets bored to see the length of the article.He wants to learn from your post visually, I mean Images helps him in that way.

Images make a  post attractive. At the social network, images are very important to attract visitors.

Image helps blog post to run for next

The important thing to include Image in a post it plays a role to breaks down in the post to stop one and go to the next.

So some readers grab their attention on the images. They feel boring to read the text.Images clutch them to stay on the post.

How to select valuable image for your post read this guide

Image makes a post visual

Images make a blog more impressive or visual.Add an image that attracts the attention of the reader to continue flow with the post.

Add an image with humor, It will help to impress the audience. An image with Humor or attractive visual impact works as a river in the desert.

Add image in the post

Use an image with high quality in the post.It,s appearance should be catchy that will impress readers.

Image makes a hard topic easy to understand

The topic digital marketing totally depends on images.If a digital marketer blogger really wants to solve the problems of visitors, the images will help him to make a visual appealing to the readers.

Infographics, screenshots, diagram, chart, make a blog post impressive or valuable to visitors.

5-Edit post:

You have written your post right now.Now you need to edit your post.You are thinking that you wrote well your post there is no mistake in your written work.

Never think this and don’t publish a post quickly.

Call to someone who is well in your topic language, and say him/her to check your post.There will be many spells or sentences mistake may be.

Editing part in writing a post is very important don’t miss it.Never think about a post that could be perfect.So  check it many times or edit & update

Make sentences or paragraph short to make good readability.

At the last when you have finished the writing, ask your reader politely to take action with your post to be friendly.Say them to commenting or share the post with their friends.

6-Optimize On page SEO

Now your post is complete, You are ready to take action and want to hit the publish button.

The last thing to do than you can publish your post.

Go to the last of the page and here set the meta description.Describe your whole post matter in short.

Meta description

The Meta description is the summary of your post which will show below the headline when someone will use to search your post in the search engine.

Focus keyword

Set a focus keyword. The focus keyword is the main point of the headline of the post.

For example: How to write a blog post?

In this headline, the focus key word is that write a blog post.

Mobile optimize site

Mostly visitor comes through mobile. Optimize your post according to mobile.Your post or site should be mobile friendly to get more traffic.

It was found that Many websites that aren’t mobile friendly they failed to get traffic.It’s time to face the fact 80% people having their own smartphone.

In April of 2015, Google released,  it’s mobile friendly update.This made a much stronger ranking in mobile searches.

It’s most needed at this time that your website must need to be mobile friendly.

Must need to do (Don’t avoid)

  • Set an impractical publishing plan.
  • Use header whitespace.
  • Use valuable or impressive image for post visualization
  • Use to give a reply to reader’s comment politely, never ignore them.
  • Use real keyword when you including a link in your post, Don’t Use “Click Here”.
  • Add social media sharing option to reach a wider audience with your post.
  • Show recent or popular post on the homepage of your site.
  • Download Google analytics to know every activity of your visitors.

7- Conclusion:

Content marketing is not really easy but not too hard if you have a bit skill of writing.

But there is no shortcut to being a successful blogger.

In spite of competition, you can be a success through writing good and data driven content.

If you started writing don’t give up if you really want to succeed.Write a long post with strong material to solve problems of readers.

Content Length affects the ranking.Write minimum  3 or 4 posts in a week to get ranking quickly in the search engine.Building on other people’s  research, data, static, enumeration get your content highly ranked in Google search engine.Your final paragraph should stimulate readers to carry out your information and your caption turn tracker into readers.A blog post is a coincides of different parts, you need to put a perfect recipe for your blog writing.Every prosperous blog is constructed on the foundation of substantial content, But it’s harmony that key to be successful is the search engine rank, read this.

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