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About us

Hi,sumanraj96-150x114 About us

I,m Suman Rajput, The girl behind Start blogging hub.

I m a post graduate with literature from Agra University  UP India.I was a teacher since 2013, In August 2015, I have started working on the website of my own brother, that earns thousands of dollars in a month & millions in a year.

I started this blog for my friends, who always used to ask me about blogging, Because of I,m a blogger in my brother,s company.When ever my friends ask me about my profession, I told them that I m a blogger.Their second question was that how can we start a blog or website.I use to send them links to some blogs that was for beginners to start a blog or website.But people who are in touch with me they want to know about all this in my words.

This thing touched me, so I started this blog especially for my friends or colleagues to help them to start blogging.

There is no purpose to earn lots of money from my blog, I created it like a diary about my own working experiences. I want to help other to start blogging.

I always like to share my knowledge with others and also want to learn more & more. I like arguments on topics for good resulting.