How to start a blog & Make money.

You want  to start a blog right now !

Yeah, great idea! You’re most welcome on my post to start a blog.

I,ll help you and try to do my best .In this guide I,  will explain here all my experiences to start a blog step by step.This Guide will help you to start your blog today in right way.

If you are a beginner, There are Some questions  in your mind before starting a blog .Which are given below…..

  • What is a blog?
  • How much time blogging take?
  • Blogging is completely free or not?
  • Can i use a blog to make money?
  • Should you start a blog?
  • Why would you get trouble of blogging?

Don’t be bore it,s really important to know the answers of these  questions to be sure about blogging.

Let,s Know-

What is a blog?

It,s really very important  thing to beginners to know what is blog?

“A blog is the type of website which is focus on the written content that called post.Through a blog we can express our experiences on a reliable topic .”

No need to be expert and a great writer to start a blog, we can share to audience our mistakes, life experiences, some great events of success, that make you special in one topic and what you learned from them .

No one want that you share with them  only about your success, they also want to know that how many mistakes and struggles you have done to be famous & successful.

So we can talk on  blog post in conversational style to our readers.

If you will use this guide to start a blog, it will take  less than 20 minutes .Usually ,Not much time a blog takes to start .

Pick domain, setup it on hosting,Install wordpress, take a valuable theme  and customize your blog in the right way.Write your content and promote your blog to get more and more traffic .

How much dose it takes to start a  blog ?

The most important thing in blogging is ‘Content .If you are serious for blogging and really want to share your experiences to your visitors it will take time .

It depends on you  that how much you know in your topic and how effective your expressing style.

Blogging is completely free or not?

It,s complicated question,I will say  blogging is free but not completely .

It,s depends on which platform you use for blogging .If you  want to start a blog on blogger or than we can say that blogging is  free. But if you are trying to start a blog on wordpress .org want to make a professional  blog by purchasing own domain and hosting, than we will say that it’s not completely free.

You will  Have to pay for hosting and domain .You can start with cheapest, yet paid. If someone seriously want to start a blog  to be a great writer and make money from it than you should pay some money .

You would have to   pay for Domain name ( will cost around $10/year or more .Web hosting is around $4-$15/month or more.

Can i use a blog to make money?

Why Not!

You can make money from your blog .Some bloggers making the biggest earning from blogging. It may be 45+k  dollars or some blogger,s are doing it,s opposite .It depends on bloggers and their strategy or traffic.

Blogger makes money on their blogs by giving affiliates link,by adsense, by selling products, and through  business growing courses.

Some bloggers monetizing their blogs and some offering their services to readers to make money online by her blog.

The important thing to make money and to be a successful blogger is get lot of  traffic. Without it there is no importance of blog.Getting traffic is tricky but not Impossible.We need  great contents to attract visitors & Good Seo planning .

But you can start your blog for your hobby and to express yourself in front of large audience .Some people who  want to be great writer.They having skill of writing & want to be famous only , not to want make money also starts blog online .

Should you start a blog?

The biggest illustration of bloggers about  start a blog , they think that they need to be a great writer for successful  blogging .

People comes to read blog for personal approach on things .The most successful blogger write their blog post informally and in a conversational style to connect friendly with their blog readers.

No need to be an expert on your blog topic .You need to share all your experiences about that.For example- you are a great and successful blogger and making millions from your blog and you have a big audience to read your blog .

Share your starting problems and struggles to your reader not only your top of success.

How you reach there, how were you when you was  a new blogger ?How many problems you faced in this field .How you get a big audience and  how you became a successful blogger.These all things your audience want to know ,after doing this your  reader would come in touch with you as friend.They won’t be bore from your blog post.

Why would you get trouble of blogging?

Right question !

Most people start their blogs for many reason….

Share Your Knowledge

Through a blog you can share your stories and knowledge  to readers who are interested in your topic.You can share your experiences and knowledge to entire world from home .

The most common thing about blogs that it used like diary to express your daily experiences that can be any part of life.

Make money online from home

Most of bloggers in the world making millions from blogging .It,s really woow!

You can make money from home by sharing your experiences and your stories .You can make from  blogging a passive income if you are going in the right way .

To Find a community

Blogs are the great thing to find community .You wrote a post on your experience topic ,reader comes on your blog to read your post. If they are interested with your topic they used to commenting.

This makes a community with the people who are related to your topic .It gives you a opportunity to learn and tech .

This is a great news for blogging that internet is exploding with growth in this time.This growth means this is the right time to start blog to be a successful blogger.

Most of people spending their time online nowadays .So this is the right way to start a blog to share all thing online to these people who are online all time.

So don,t think more, start with passions ,this is the best time to start a blog right now.

Start a blog in  7 steps:

  1. Choose a blogging topic(Niche)
  2. Choose a blogging platform(Install wordpress)
  3. Pick your perfect domain name(Blog address)
  4. Take Hosting Plan(Get your blog online)
  5. Design your blog(Install theme &  plugins)
  6. Write content(Add post & Page)
  7. Get traffic  & make money

Step-1 :Choose a blogging topic(Niche)

Although, some people have already a topic to start their blog ,but some have no idea about it .

Choose a topic for blogging in which you are interested that,s why you can share with readers personally everything to be a successful blogger.

No need that you have an authority on your topic. You should be interested in your topic to express it well in your post .

If a blogger has no idea about his topic it will show in his blog that bad for him.He can’t express personally everything about his niche.

So you can choose your blogging topic From these:

  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Parenthood
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!
  • Life experiences
  • Products or service reviews
  • Family
  • Gaming
  • Travel experiences
  • Educational
  • Music
  • Celebrities
  • Personal Stories
  • Jokes and Humor
  • History
  • Sport

You can pick any topic but it,s really important that how much you interested in your topic ,If you are not interested in  your topic ,why ,would be readers .

So think many times that which quality you have ,and what thing you can express well.

Step-2: Choose a blogging platform

If you decided about  your blog niche, you need to know that which platform is suitable to start a  blog.

obviously, you are thinking about, how your blog will look, How will you manage it after, according to you .

I will say that WordPress is one of the best blogging platform in the world to  start a blog .All successful bloggers are using this platform .

There are many blogging platform for manage your blog or website. But no one can compare with wordpress .org.(WordPress’ software  available)There is a confusing thing with wordpress .Wordpress .org and

I am talking about ,this is the the best blogging platform to manage your blog.

Why wordpress?

Without a blogging platform you can’t start a blog .I highly recommend to you  for WordPress .Not only me but also all successful bloggers recommended for WordPress.

If you are serious about starting a blog  you should avoid free blogging platform.Free blogging platform are not self hosted .They don’t  give you the scale to make your blog powerful or self-hosted .Free blogging platform not allowed  you to make money from your blog. They never provide services like WordPress org.

WordPress is user-friendly ,free or powerful blogging platform ,it provides thousands of free themes or plugins to customize your blog to looking great.

Why avoid free blogging platform ?

  • You are unable to control your content ,they can shut you down without saying .
  • The name of your blog  will be long and hard to remember .For example,! How much irritating and hard to remember.It  will make your blog ugly which never be attractive.
  • You can’t advertise on free blogging platform ,this makes harder to make money from your blog.

I will recommended you for the boss of all blogging platform

If you want to successful blogger and want to start a money making blog .So start with on bluehost(domain & hosting provider company).But you are free to use any blogging platform. So today,s mazor blogging platforms here are : hosted)











Read This guide to know everything in details about all blogging platforms. is one of these blogging platforms, it,s self-hosted , suitable, powerful.

The software of WordPress can be downloaded from the website

Step-3:Pick your perfect domain name(Blog address)

Domain name is the web address .Basically it’s a URL of your blog or website.Like is the domain ) ,,(The domain name) (This is a domain).Mine domain is & Your domain would  be” .

Your domain name is extremely very important to your blog.Buy it right and exact.

Purchasing a domain name for your blog or website is very interesting thing. You can take suggestion about a domain to your friends and family.Not only you but  they also know what can you do perfectly and which is your interesting thing. They suggest you well .

Before taking a domain think about your interested thing and don,t wait to buy.

Often  really likeable and competitive  “.com “extension may be already taken. So no need to be sad because the extension ending,.org ,.info also good.There are Over Hundred Different domain  extension are available to purchase .

Before buying a domain keep in mind these things:

  • If you are trying to start a blog personally to make you brand or great personality.It would be better that in your domain you can give word of  your name also .
  • Buy a domain easy to type  .No need to use complicated and misspelling in your domain that makes confuse.You don’t want that your traffic get someone else by mistake.
  • Your name must be easy to spell.
  • Domain name must be memorable,& describe the theme  & establish your brand.
  • You must avoid numbers , punctuation and hyphens  to use in your domain names.This makes hard to explain and confusing to people .

Now don’t overthink ,this is the time to do first act for starting your blog ,so buy your domain right now according the instruction.

I am giving here a tool to purchase your domain ,so check your domain  availability right now:

You can buy a domain on the cost  10$ per year .It may be more cheapest or more costly ,it depends on your domain name or  extension.

There are many domain and hosting service provider companies. .Like Godaddy,Ipage,Hostgator  and bluehost .You can choose one of these .

You can find your domain on  bluehost .

Step-4:Take Hosting Plan(Get your blog online)

Web hosting is the home of your blog address .Without web hosting You can’t use your blog online.It’s A service which makes your blog accessible for everyone.We can compare it with the hard drive  of computer ,You can save in hard drive files,images and all software to so on.

If you don’t have a web host ,You won’t be able to setup your blog  to get online for everyone.

There is  many Hosting companies which provides the space (server)to get  your blog online.To start a blog , hosting is, a very important aspect.

Hostgator,Godaddy,Ipage and bluehost provides hosting plans ,you are free to use one of them but I recommended for  Bluehost . This  is the best hosting or server provider company.It,s really good .All great and successful blogger like Neil patel ,Brian Dean,and other recommended for bluehost .So use it,I hope you will like .

Generally ,the cost of web hosting  somewhere is $2-5 per month or more:

1-Go to the bluehost website and click on the green button  “Get started ” .

2-There will open a new page to choose  account plan select your plan ,one of these -basic, plus or prime,you are free to choose any plan but i  recommend for plus.Select your hosting plan and click next for sign up:

choose Hosting plan

3-There will appear a page, you can choose your new domain or if you already have  a domain ,Fill in the second box and click next for sign up :

4-Fill in the signup form , all details like name,email,number,and other .

Now you have an account on bluehost .com,next page will show your package info.

You can add these services  -site backup pro or siteLock security  with domain hosting , but not necessary:

You can select 36 month /12 month /one month package of domain or hosting  .This depends on your budget.

5- After select your package you would have to provide  payment option ,fill your billing information and click submit …after a few second you will get the email which you provided in sign up from ,here  Bluehost will congratulate for your package .

6- Now  login to bluehost .com then  Go to the cpanel .

7-Install wordpress-This is the time to install  blogging platform i recommended to  Wordpress

Fill the installation information and click “install”

Create a username or password to login your wordpress Admin.

Step -5:Design your blog(Install theme &  plugins)

  • Logging in to  your blog: After installation of wordpress , type  in browser www.your blog name/wp-admin .Now you can Log in to  your wordpress admin with your created username or password.
  • Change your blog design-
  • Once you logged in the wordpress administrator area ,you can change here everything.
  • you can change themes,customize your blog .Add page,post,plugins .This is very interesting part when you are  starting a blog.
  • That is the time to feel proud that you are the master of a blog right now.
  • Do everything with it. You have all control for your blog. you can make all  change according you.
  • Firstly change the design of your blog.
  • Install a theme to make your blog graceful.

Go to your website dashboard panel  here you will see in the menu bar “Appearance” click on themes ,Here are several installed themes.

If you want to add new themes ,Go to add new,here are popular ,featured themes . You can  set filters to find more good looking themes.

Click “add new”>Popular > here are thousands themes available . You can search your theme also ,pick here a valuable them according your blog name . “Install >activate and Refresh your site and see how it looks now.

  • Customize your theme:You can customize your theme,Here you can change everything,Like-Header image,header icon,Colour,width,Height and other thing:
  • Install plugins:
  • To make your blog suitable for your visitors , install some valuable plugins which will make your blog interesting.

We can say about plugins that these are the peace of software , which are containing the functions to added a WordPress website.Plugins can extend functionality to your wordpress website.

To download plugin ,Go to the Left sidebar menu of your site dashboard ,Click on plugins >Add new ,Here you will see featured,Popular,recommended and favorite plugins .

At the right side of screen you can see a search bar .Search your plugins right now than activate.Know about Some Valuable plugins for a site.

Step -6:Write content(Add post & Page)

You have done with your blog everything by now , you have change your blog theme and customized it according you.

You installed some useful plugins to make your blog valuable for your visitors.

Now the time to do the most important thing ,that,s Because you make your blog .

Write Your content , Adding a post is very important part for a blog .Read this guide to learn how to write a blog post .

To add a post go to your blog dashboard ,go to sidebar menu ,here click on the post >new post . Here write your first post title in the title box

And write your first post in the large box which is given below the toolbar :

Before publish a  post you should use these tools to make your post good and useful for visitors…

Add media In the post:

If You would like to add image in your blog post,Go to the toolbar of post editor page ,Click on Add media

Upload files“from your computer:

Insert image into  the post:

Before insert an image or video in the post , you would have to click on that part ,where you want to add your image or video.

Adding images in the post is very useful.It makes your blog charming and graceful .Images works of thousand words in a post To write a good and seo friendly content .Use image in your content, related with the topic of your post.

Add link:

Select any text ,where you want to give link  of any site or content,Go to the Toolbar at the   top of post editor page, click on link icon ,you can see in this image:

Click on the setting Icon which is given in the link pop up of selected text.

Now, there will open a new page:

Fill in the URL Box the link  according the selected text.

Tick mark in the box “Open link in a new tab” than click on the  “Add link “Now your link will be added.

The linked text will be underlined and automatically change it colour.

So, In your post you can give the links of great contents & popular sites which are related with your blog post .It will make your blog useful for readers.

Shortlist permalink:

On the top of your blog post and the below of the master title of your post here is permalink .It is the link of your post.When someone search your post in the browser this link should be  short. So you can shortlist the link of your post here .Click on the edit and choose the important keywords of your post title .

Now the time to publish your first post,You are feeling great at this time.

If you don’t want to publish your post right now you can save it in the draft ,If not than click on publish button now .Your post would be Published  right now .Refresh your site and see how your post,s look on home page of your blog.You can see your post,s preview before publish too.

Your published post will show in the” post“>”All post “,you can edit your post here any time and then update.Learn how to write a good  content that will get more traffic on your blog .

Add page on your blog :

1-Go to the  left sidebar menu Of your site dashboard , click on the” Pages”and  click on “Add new” .

Your page section will look like the post editor page .there will only some differences  at right sidebar of the page screen .

2-Add the title of your page  like Home /about us and other which is you want to add ,the page will appear on the header of your site.

After it ,write  content in the large box  ,content means for what you adding the page ,give the topic  .

3-Now you are ready to publish your page same as you did with your post.Before  publish the page also can see the preview of your page .If you don’t want publish quickly ,you can save it in draft.You can watch this tutorial to know more about adding pages:

So,Now your blog is completely ready.The last and very very important step you have to put for your blog .

You have designed your blog, You have installed plugins to increase functionality in your blog, You added pages.

You Have written a good content with valuable link or images or video.Now you are looking for visitors on your blog.

So let,s know in this last step how you can promote your blog and get traffic.

Step-7: Get traffic & Make money

Get traffic:

You started a blog  , designed it well and wrote a great content.It,s start of a blog .But really important thing for a blog to get visitors .

It,s  a hard bit when you are starting a new blog. Many new blogger who don’t know how to promote their blog ,and fails.The most important thing  about promoting your blog ,don’t hesitate to tell others about your blog.

Most of blogger thinks more before sharing  blog to their friends.They shy because they are new or not a good content writer , they hasn’t designed their blog well .

Don’t do this  thing. This is bad for you and your blog .If you will  think so ,you never can promote your blog .when we enter in a new world ,we are  like a child ,we have to learn about every step to put .Learning or shyness makes us successful & famous .Think ,You have done well , while you are a new blogger.You are trying to sharing your own mistake or learning to your reader.

Your reader will appreciate you .When they will comment on your work ,You will come to know about your mistake than you can improve Yourself. One day you will be  a great blogger .You would have a great audience.But if you will shy in the beginning then you will fail .

Here are some most effective or free ways to promote your blog:

1-Social network

Obviously, you have a  facebook or twitter account ,so share your blog to your friends .Search some great bloggers related with your blog topic .Send them friend request,like their pages Follow them on twitter  and share your blog or post to them or their friends.

Than wait and watch that how your blog  will go viral.Social media can play a good role to promote your blog .These social media sites are the better way  to get traffic on your blog.

When you Share your  post link to your friend ,If they also share  with their friends ,It,s Great thing for your blog .It will multiple readers for your blog.

Create a  page on facebook about your blog topic .Invite your friends to like this ,and  request them that their friends also invite their friends to like your page.You can share your blog in whatsapp ,facebook  groups ,it will help you to get traffic.

2-Email marketing

Through email marketing you can  promote your blog.Email marketing plays a great role in the promotion of a blog or website.By collecting emails you keeps your readers to coming back on your blog.When you post something on your blog ,Your blog subscribers notified first.

You will able to collect new visitors on your blog,and it also help you to come back first time reader to your blog by growing email list.

When you will ask to top blogger of blogging industry they will tell you about email Marketing .Email list is the top source of getting traffic .

Email marketing is a big subject ,to know about email marketing in details you can read this guide……

Most of successful blogger collect their visitor by email list.Readers subscribe your blog to know about your new updates.If they likes your blog they will give you their email ,to know first about your new post.

You can collect emails by giving them offer of any course,pdf ,ebook .

You can start to make your email list right now-

Go to your blog dashboard left side menu >Plugins .>install “ SumoMe” plugin to make a email list and get traffic from it. ,

3-Post more article

To Get more traffic on your blog, you would have to post more article,approximately 2 or three article in a week ,Than you will see that how your blog makes a top rank  quickly in search engine.

Top bloggers also post 16/17+ article in a month on their blogs .

4-Post long article:

To get more traffic ,wrote comprehensive article.

2000+ words article ranked by google or other search engine quickly that  is found in research.

Top bloggers like Neil patel or Brain Dean used to write 4000 to 8000 words article, the result is that no one is the top and successful blogger in the blogging field like them .They are generating lot of traffic on their blogs.

5-Commenting on other’s blog

Used to commenting on other’s blog is also a good way to promote your blog.

Comment on top blogs related with your blog topic ,it will make a community with the bloggers who are related with your topic .After a comment give the link of your blog in the comment box,this will leads the traffic on your blog.

Make money from your blog:

When you make a well designed blog ,posted some great content & also getting lot of traffic.After all this making money from your blog is not a hard part.

4 Important sources  to make money from your blog.


Google Adsense is a free service  by google for publishers to monetize their web content.You can earn from Google adsense  by giving the space on your blog or website to place ads.

Google pay per click  for those ads .Google adsense is one of the best source  to make money online from your blog ,by selling space .

You can make a passive income by adsense,it depends on traffic of  your blog.Google adsense is the most popular network to place ads.

With adsense program you do not need to direct contact with advertiser,You can place ads banner on your blog post or home ,On a post or home the number of ads may be three or four,But three ads are suitable on a page .

2-Affiliate marketing:

To monetize a blog  Affiliate marketing is also a great way.

You can include affiliate link in your content to make money from your blog.In simple word we can say that Affiliate marketing  is a commission system.

Many companies want to sell their product or services  online like amazon,flipkart,bluehost etc.You can join their affiliate program.These companies will give you link or banner of their product or service to you .You can include these link or banners in your content .When some one purchase product or services  through your site ,You find commission from each selling product.

3-Sell Products

3-Sell Products

If you don’t want to advertise to others products  on your site ,You can sell your own products through your blog or website.

You can sell digital products Like :


Video courses


Plugins or themes,Apps

If you are providing some of these ,think ! how much reader will impressed with your blog .You can earn from it a lot too .But remember one thing ,whatever you want to provide on your content ,first listen to your reader that what,s the need of them than make your digital product.This will make your blog more interesting to your reader.You will able to make a passive income from it.


Provide to your readers Services in your blog topic like ,consulting ,coaching. Most of successful and top bloggers uses these services through their blogs.

To know more about making money from your blog download this Infographic by Blogging basics:

I hope ,I answered  all questions of you  about starting a blog .So You can start your blog right  now .Don’t think more ,it’s time to take action.If you find  this guide useful ,so comment below & share with your friend on Facebook  or twitter.

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